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We Found Pictures Of Kim And Kanye's Mansion Before They Turned It Into A Nightmare House, And Boy, They Really Changed Things Up

Look what they've done to the place.

Well, they're over.

kim and kanye walking

And now that they’re divorcing, let’s revisit one of my favorite things about the Kanye and Kim era: the $50 million house they bought and all the weird things they did to it.

their big expensive house

You most likely know by now that Kim and Kanye basically live in an abandoned museum.

kim and a person in a suit in a place that looks like a abandoned museum

Their house is part "Death Star from Star Wars," has a dash of "morgue," and a sprinkle of "scary convent with a possible dead nun around the corner" vibes.

Their house is, in essence, fit for a cult.

But the house didn't always look like this. Once upon a time, when they bought it, it looked like a normal rich person house.

We found pictures on Zillow of what the house looked like before they renovated it, and really, they did a number.

This was the house before:

Honestly, it's pretty normal-looking. I'm not scared of anything:

But now it looks like this:

A massive inflatable spider

This is what the living room looked like before they renovated it:

White walls and couches with black pillows underneath a chandelier and a while piano in the corner

And the living room now:

The room is bare except for a white piano and some decorative furry plants

Rumor has it they keep Kenny G in the basement and let him out to play on holidays:

individual roses in individual vases all over the floor as Kenny G plays

Here's what the main stairway looked like before they pumped millions of dollars into the home:

Lots of natural light comes through the door and windows

And here's what it looks like now:

Black pumpkins piled in a corner

As you can see, for Halloween, they like to decorate with piles of pumpkins:

This is their hallway before the renovations:

A chandelier hands from the ceiling, two rugs on the floor, and decorative tables line the hallway

The hallway now:

the hallways is absolutely bare and the chandelier is gone

Totally not creepy at all!

On Christmas, they decorate with giant Q-tips:

You might even find a baby stuffed in between!

This is what the living/dining room looked like before they cult-ified it.

I like the wood beams.

It's nice.

And here's the living room now:

Very minimalist table and chairs with a creepy statue in the back

It makes me feel cold.

This is what the master bedroom looked like before the renovations:

A normal bedroom

And here's the master bedroom now:

Minimalist bedroom

The master closet before renovations:

Lots of closet space with a table in the middle with flowers on top

And this is the master closet now:

The kitchen before the renovations:

a well-lit kitchen with wooden beams

The kitchen now:

the beams are gone

There's also a humongous pantry:

There's a literal walk-in industrial fridge:

It's huge.

There's a grocery store's entire produce section amount of vegetables:

And 37 varieties of shredded cheese:

Here's what the outdoor area used to look like:

It's very "every single house in Beverly Hills":

Now they have dried trees:

floor-to-ceiling windows giving a glimpse of the dried trees

Lastly, the master bathroom before the renovations:

a large mirror, a fancy bathtub, and marble floors

And the master bathroom now:

Very bare and museum-like

As you probably know, the sinks have these drains that don't look like drains:

a flat top with drains that blend into the table

It's very the first Saw movie.

Kim wearing a bikini and angel wings

Also, if you're lucky, you'll find Kim just standing there in the shower fully clothed.

And really, that's it!

I wonder what will become of their home now.