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We Found Pictures Of Kim And Kanye's Mansion Before They Turned It Into A Nightmare House, And Boy, They Really Changed Things Up

Look what they've done to the place.

Well, they're over.

kim and kanye walking
Ricky Vigil M / GC Images / Getty Images

And now that they’re divorcing, let’s revisit one of my favorite things about the Kanye and Kim era: the $50 million house they bought and all the weird things they did to it.

their big expensive house
Raak, Gice / BACKGRID

You most likely know by now that Kim and Kanye basically live in an abandoned museum.

kim and a person in a suit in a place that looks like a abandoned museum
Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

Their house is part "Death Star from Star Wars," has a dash of "morgue," and a sprinkle of "scary convent with a possible dead nun around the corner" vibes.

Their house is, in essence, fit for a cult.

Trading Spouses

But the house didn't always look like this. Once upon a time, when they bought it, it looked like a normal rich person house.

Ricky Vigil M / GC Images / Getty Images

We found pictures on Zillow of what the house looked like before they renovated it, and really, they did a number.

Will / GC Images / Getty Images

This was the house before:

Honestly, it's pretty normal-looking. I'm not scared of anything:

But now it looks like this:

A massive inflatable spider
Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

Just kidding, but that's what the outside of their house looked like during Halloween.

This is what the living room looked like before they renovated it:

White walls and couches with black pillows underneath a chandelier and a while piano in the corner

And the living room now:

The room is bare except for a white piano and some decorative furry plants
Instagram: @kimkardashian

It's very Shining. Very "redrum." Very...hard.

Rumor has it they keep Kenny G in the basement and let him out to play on holidays:

individual roses in individual vases all over the floor as Kenny G plays

Here's what the main stairway looked like before they pumped millions of dollars into the home:

Lots of natural light comes through the door and windows

And here's what it looks like now:

Black pumpkins piled in a corner

As you can see, for Halloween, they like to decorate with piles of pumpkins:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

This is their hallway before the renovations:

A chandelier hands from the ceiling, two rugs on the floor, and decorative tables line the hallway

The hallway now:

the hallways is absolutely bare and the chandelier is gone

Totally not creepy at all!

On Christmas, they decorate with giant Q-tips:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

You might even find a baby stuffed in between!

Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

This is what the living/dining room looked like before they cult-ified it.

I like the wood beams.

It's nice.

And here's the living room now:

Very minimalist table and chairs with a creepy statue in the back
@kanyewest / Via

It makes me feel cold.

This is what the master bedroom looked like before the renovations:

A normal bedroom

And here's the master bedroom now:

Minimalist bedroom

No more wooden beams. :/

The master closet before renovations:

Lots of closet space with a table in the middle with flowers on top

And this is the master closet now:

It's basically a Bloomingdales.

The kitchen before the renovations:

a well-lit kitchen with wooden beams

The kitchen now:

the beams are gone

Honestly, this is a true upgrade.

There's also a humongous pantry:

Kim Kardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

Look how deep that goes!

There's a literal walk-in industrial fridge:

Kim Kardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

It's huge.

Kim Kardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

There's a grocery store's entire produce section amount of vegetables:

Kim Kardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

And 37 varieties of shredded cheese:

Kim Kardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian

Here's what the outdoor area used to look like:

It's very "every single house in Beverly Hills":

Now they have dried trees:

floor-to-ceiling windows giving a glimpse of the dried trees

Lastly, the master bathroom before the renovations:

a large mirror, a fancy bathtub, and marble floors

And the master bathroom now:

Very bare and museum-like

As you probably know, the sinks have these drains that don't look like drains:

a flat top with drains that blend into the table
Kim Kardashian/Instagram: @kimkardashian

It's very the first Saw movie.

Kim wearing a bikini and angel wings

Also, if you're lucky, you'll find Kim just standing there in the shower fully clothed.

And really, that's it!


I wonder what will become of their home now.

Will / GC Images / Getty Images

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