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People Are Roasting And Also Concerned About Kim Kardashian's Latest Diving Instagram Pic

Not sure who she's fooling with this one.

It has been a while since we've done a post about Kim Kardashian engaging in general clownery.

Portrait of Kim Kardashian in a white crisscross halter top at an event

But hello! Here we are again. I guess you can say we are clowns for posting about it, too!

Person wearing a clown nose with a smile, sitting on a couch, in a casual striped top

Sooo, Kim posted a bunch of pictures from some exotic tropical vacation:

If you go down to the comment section, you'll see a bunch of people asking about one particular picture...

Three Instagram comments questioning why someone would dive in shallow water, expressing disbelief and humor

It's this picture of her diving into two-feet of water:

why is she diving in knee deep water? 😭 pic.twitter.com/FJhBYLjr31

— 2000s (@PopCulture2000s) April 17, 2024
@kimkardashian/ instagram.com Twitter: @PopCulture2000s

"Girl where r u jumping" was the big question.

Comment on social media post asking, "Girl where r u jumping ????" with likes and reply option

"U know that dive hurt," one person said.

Comment on a social media post reading "U know that dive hurt"

Another person called out a future concussion.

The image shows a screenshot of a social media comment that reads, "jwilly_ Ik she gotta concussion..." with "66 likes" and "14h" ago

Still, other people are calling her Mother for it.

Comment on social media post expressing disbelief about diving into shallow water

Ultimately, it looks like she made it out okay, but I'm pretty sure we'll see an entire episode dedicated to this 2-feet-deep dive next season.

A social media comment reads, "Kim, there's people that are dying," with heart-eyed emojis, referencing a TV moment


Woman with a red clown nose, glasses, and a striped shirt smiles at the camera