Kate Gosselin Shared A Rare Picture Of The Sextuplets Turning 20: "No More Teenagers In This House"

    Yeah, you're old.

    The Gosselin sextuplets just turned 20.

    Family with eight children gathered, some wearing matching outfits. Parents seated with children standing and sitting around them

    Yes, 20!!

    Eight individuals, including Jon & Kate Gosselin and their sextuplets, sit interactively during a TV interview

    It seems like yesterday, Jon, Kate, and her spiky reverse mullet-bob were taking over the world.

    The family on a morning show

    In case you don't follow her, Kate posts random updates about the kids.

    She recently posted a pic of four of the six kids celebrating their 20th birthday:

    In case you're not up on the Goss news, two of the sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, are estranged from Kate and live with Jon.

    On his 18th birthday, Collin spoke out about being institutionalized for behavioral issues.

    Last year, he joined the military.

    Hannah has her own beauty brand called Gosselin Girl.

    She shared this picture for her 20th birthday:

    Ultimately, this post is just another reminder of your own mortality.