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I Never Knew This Was A Thing, But Every Member Of The Kardashian Family Wraps Their Presents According To Their "Vibe"

Because I'm sure you're dying to know.

I know, I know...I said the Kardashian Christmas backyard would be the last of it, but I have one last post about this family.

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This post is about how each of the Kardashian/Jenners wraps their Christmas gifts according to their "vibe."

Kim Kardashian in a long, furry white coat and holding an umbrella

Kim Kardashian posted every member's wrapping with the caption, "Wrapping gifts in our family is always such a fun family tradition to see what each family member did and their vibe for the year."

Because I have nothing better to do, let's look at how each of them did this year.

Screenshot from Kim's IG story showing different wrapping styles of various family members

First we have Kendall Jenner.

Close-up of Kendall in a red turtleneck

Kendall is a known horse girl, so she did a blue horse print.

Presents with ribbons, tags, and blue-and-white wrapping paper showing horses running in a field

Then there's Kylie Jenner.

Close-up of Kylie wearing a strapless outfit

Check out her "festive" Santa print.

Wrapping paper showing Santa on his sled with reindeers in front

We've all seen Kim's.

Close-up of Kim at a media event and wearing a suede halter-top outfit

Kim did an eco-friendly white cotton wrapping that she swears she's going to reuse for family projects, as if it's *totally* not just an ad for Skims.

Presents under the tree and wrapped in white cotton fabric

Next up is Kravis (yes, they really call themselves that).

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Barker holding hands

They did green wrapping with black labels.

Sea green wrapping paper and ribbons and black labels with white type on them

Mama Kris Jenner is up next.

Close-up of Kris in a shiny suit at a media event

Kris did a shiny red.

Gifts wrapped in shiny red paper, no bows or ribbons, and just giftees' names written in large cursive

Let's look at Khloé Kardashian's.

She did all green.

Presents with green paper and ribbons

And lastly, Rob Kardashian.

Rob in a T-shirt and wearing an LA baseball cap

Rob's is probably the most *normal* of them all, with a snowman print.

Gifts with snowman wrapping paper and ribbon that looks like strings of small red balls

After all of that nonsense, tell me, who has your favorite?

The different gift styles on Kim's IG story

Now, excuse me while I look at all my life choices that led me to this point.

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