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    The 2022 Kardashian Cousins' Halloween Party Happened On Sunday, And Here's What That Was Like

    That table of desserts though.

    The Kardashians are super into Halloween.

    a large fake spider on top Kim's house

    Kim is known for her piles of pumpkins.

    A lot of mini of pumpkins

    Some years, they're green.

    Some years, they're beige.

    And I'm happy to share that Kim JUST posted a picture of this years pile of pumps...

    So yeah, Halloween is a really big deal for them.

    A fake inflatable spider on top of Kourtney's house with a Mercedes Benz in front

    Last year, Kim was in charge of the children's party.

    She made her already morgue-like home even creepier.

    The house filled with fog and spiderwebs

    She had a "Mummy Mash" section.

    A white bounce house.

    And Kris Jenner dressed as a cat.

    But this year, it seemed like hosting duty was on Khloé.

    A closeup of Khloé walking outside with Kris behind her

    Welcome to the 2022 Cousin Halloween Party.

    They had this giant spider balloon animal thing.

    Here's a closeup detail:

    Some of the balloons have images of bats on them

    The party was held in what appears to be Khloé's backyard.

    My personal favorite little touch were the floating witch hats.

    Khloé captioned it "memories to last a lifetime for the kiddos."

    They had a slime table.

    That seemed like fun.

    They had 47 desserts.

    Like, piles of desserts.


    And yeah, this appears like it was just for the cousins.

    Now excuse me while I buy a 99 cent gourd from Trader Joe's and call it a day.