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I'm Seriously Cracking Up Over These Pictures Of Lady Gaga Hiking

I love this woman (even though I thought "Joanne" was only kind of okay).

Hiking is fun, because who doesn't love sweating amd pretending to love trail mix for its nutritional value but only enjoying the M&M's? And, let's be real: Walking up hills is a fucking blast! This lady loves hiking, I love hiking, we all love hiking!

Arianarama / Getty Images

When most of us go hiking, we may wear a cute pair of cargo khakis, some thick white socks, a casual blouse, some sweet shades, and our "dirty" boots. We may even straddle a rock or two. You're crazy, lady!

Gurineb / Getty Images

That's what us normal girls do. Now, let's talk about what Lady Gaga does.

Highwaystarz-photography / Getty Images

This, my new friends (xoxo), is Lady Gaga and her boyfriend, Christian Carino. They are hiking.

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Just when I thought the literal world couldn't be anymore extra, Miss Lady "I'm Italian" Gaga goes out and one-ups everyone by hiking in nude-colored heels, a cute ruffled top, and a dang skirt. Goddammit, Gaga. Slay that mountain, wreck that trail, and dismantle our awful hiking patriarchy. That trail has been canceled and MISS FERNGULLY has arrived.

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*Unintelligible gay slang rambling ensues*

Let's break this down.

First, Gaga's basic boyfriend: He is dressed in athletic shoes, a rugged top, and shorts. What does he think this is, a damn Ironman?! COME ON, DUDE!

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Now for Gaga.

Unlike her boyfriend, Gaga understands the importance of looking good, even on the trail. Her runway is the world, and the deer and squirrels are in for the fashion show of their life. From that quiche-ass top to her truly adorable skirt, Gaga is giving this trail a run for its money. That gravel path has been blessed...

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...and Mother Nature is officially shaking and crying. She knows she's over.

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