24 Times Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Made You Feel So Incredibly Poor

    Never forget.

    It's the end of an era!

    1. I'll miss their car rides to yoga in matching outfits.

    2. Their Christmas photo shoots in matching pajamas.

    3. The way they would sell us sleep gummies.

    4. All the times they were selling us glasses.

    5. The way they would casually swing to and fro on their backyard swing.

    6. All the time spent on Italian yachts.

    7. Sunsets in France.

    8. The morning afters on private jets.

    9. It was like a second home <3.

    10. The dinners with Warren Buffet.

    11. The conferences with Jeff Bezos.

    12. The casual visits from Jay-Z.

    13. The Saturday afternoon camel rides.

    14. The random morning coffee photo shoots.

    15. Their kids delivering coffee to them on hoverboards.

    16. Seeing them in their backyard that looks straight out of the movie Parasite.

    it&#x27;s creepy perfect. green grass and a pool

    For reference, this is the house they lived in:

    And this is the Parasite house:

    very modern house

    17. The times they had someone come take their picture as they pretended to casually read a newspaper.

    18. The humongous bouquets of roses.

    19. The elaborate Halloween parties.

    20. The pranks.

    21. The "candid" pep talks captured by a random person just randomly watching them.

    22. When they almost bought the Mets.

    an article about them buying the mets

    23. The time Jennifer wanted to take a picture of their cool bath tub but instead accidentally exposed how dirty their windows were.

    24. And lastly, the random men/ghosts in the background of their personal gym selfies.