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Jessica Simpson Welcomes Back Ankles In Emotional Instagram Post

Alexa play "Miracles Happen" by Myra.

Jessica Simpson recently endured a 72 year pregnancy.

JK, it wasn't 72 years... but it felt like it with her Instagram updates.

Ankle post...

...after ankle post...

...after ankle post!

I genuinely felt for her ankle situation.

But then, as iconic one-hit-wonder, Myra said: "Miracles happen."

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In an emotional Instagram post, Jessica welcomed back her ankles:

And here they are:

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

People were overjoyed to see Jessica Simpson's ankles again.

"God is so good!!!," this person preached.

"Thank you Jesus! Oh Thank you Jesus!," another said.

And finally: "There is hope for me."

Welcome back, Jessica Simpson's ankles. Welcome back.

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