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    I Found Out Why Jamie Lee Curtis Has Been Saying She Invented Instagram, And I'm Surprised I Never Heard This Story Before

    Mark Zuckerberg needs to speak on this.

    For years now, Jamie Lee Curtis has claimed she invented Instagram.

    A young Jamie

    And those claims have been bubbling up lately.

    Instagram creator: Jamie Lee Curtis and other comments

    People are just finding out for themselves.

    did you know that jamie lee curtis invented instagram

    Twitter: @_gracewhy

    They're talking about it.

    obsessed with jamie lee curtis saying she created Instagram

    Twitter: @madthecowboy

    And they're calling Instagram out.

    why did you copy jamie lee curtis @instagram

    Twitter: @ilysmzarry

    A clip of Jamie Lee saying she invented Instagram on a bunch of shows is also going viral.

    just found out that jamie lee curtis thinks she invented instagram

    Twitter: @willfulchaos

    I needed to know the *real* story behind her statements.

    Twitter: @ol_darbs

    So I did a little research and found out why she claims this.

    Close-up of Jamie

    Here's her reasoning:

    Jamie Lee Curtis inventor and founder of Instagram

    Sirius / Via Twitter: @brendanmcc123

    "As soon as iPhones came out and we started taking pictures, I thought, I'm a photographer. So I started something called 'Iphoneys' at," she explained.

    Jamie on a SiriusXM show

    "And it was photo sharing ... all my friends who were photographers would send me the picture, and I would upload it to my blogspot called Iphoneys," she continued.

    Jamie on Sirius

    "It was before Instagram, and you can look at it because of the date ... it's still up there!" Jamie added.

    Jamie on Sirius

    "Funny enough, the day that Instagram was announced, they stopped," she said.

    Jamie on Sirius

    Well, that's certainly a story.

    And the site really is still up.

    The Iphoneys site logo

    So, do what you want with this information.

    I would like to believe it.

    Letting myself believe Jamie lee Curtis invented Instagram

    ABC / Via Twitter: @kmartgiggles