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This American Woman Is Always Trolling Her Italian Boyfriend By Breaking Italian "Rules," And His Reactions Are Always Dramatic And Hilarious

"You will get a head itch!!"

If you know an Italian person, you know there are unwritten rules that are simply not up for debate.

Like, if you break them, they will freak out.

For example, it's absolutely absurd to have a cappuccino after lunch.

Pasta is sacred and shall be treated as such.

You cannot leave the house with wet hair.

And obviously, absolutely NO pineapple on pizza.

Note: The God Warrior isn't Italian, but I find her GIFs relevant in relation to Italian opinions on these issues.

Anyway, Carlo and Sarah are an Italian and American couple that are blowing up on TikTok.

They post videos of Sarah trolling Carlo by breaking these sacred Italian rules.

Like what happened when Sarah had the audacity to break the spaghetti:

Carlo reacted like this:

he's freaking out

What happened when Sarah tried to leave the house with wet hair:

Carlo reacted like this:

carlo saying a fever and head itch

When Sarah tried to have a cappuccino after lunch:

Carlo reacted like this:

carlo saying it's crazy

When Sarah tried to brush her teeth in the bidet:

Carlo reacted like this:

carlo freaking out saying we clean the butt and footy

How Carlo reacted when Sarah tried to interrupt his Euro Cup soccer plans:


he's freaking out

And lastly, how Carlo reacted when Sarah wanted pineapple on pizza:

Simply not up for debate.

carlo is mad

Carlo and Sarah have over a million followers on TikTok.


But... it’s actually good🥺

♬ original sound - Carlo and Sarah

And they're quickly growing their following on Instagram.

So please follow them and remember: NO CAPPUCCINO AFTER LUNCH, IT'S FREAKIN' WEIRD.

carlo freaking out about cappuccino