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Incredibly Upsetting Pictures Of Penn Station Then & Now


The original Penn Station was completed in 1911. Considered to be one of the most impressive buildings in the world, it also housed the largest indoor space in New York City.

But, in 1950, Penn Station auctioned off their air rights and a plan for an office building and sports arena were put into place. In 1963, the building was demolished amid a flurry of protests and by 1968, Penn Station as you know it was finished.

Welcome to hell.

Then: Classical Greek Doric columns

Now: 1D World

Then: The escalators

Now: The escalators

Then: It was really nice

Now: It really sucks

Then: The waiting room

Now: Some dude passed out on the ground next to a sub

Then: Another view of the waiting room

Now: Another dude passed out but this time on a bench

Then: A really nice hallway

Now: Some dude passed out in a hallway

Then: A really pretty clock

Now: A bunch of shitty wreaths

Then: This

Now: This

Then: The really pretty clock and the waiting room

Now: Big blue poles and lights that circle around them

Then: Crowds

Now: Crowds

Then: Light streaming in, reminiscent of heaven

Now: Basically hell