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The Duggars Renamed "Deviled Eggs" Which Sparked A Huge Debate About Eggs And Satan

It has come to this.

Let's talk about eggs.

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America's 72*-person family, the Duggars, posted a picture of themselves making deviled eggs.

*To me, there are figuratively 72 of them; in actuality, there are 19+.

Except they didn't call them "deviled eggs," they called them "Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs."

"Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs," OK then.

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In the words of the great God Warrior:

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Now, because this is the internet, an egg debate was sparked.

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For some, it was a huge relief. This person had been searching for an alternative to the name "deviled eggs" for years.

This person also loved it, citing the popularity of the devil.

This person was a "yellow pocket angel eggs" convert.

It wasn't all sunshine and yellow pocket angel eggs though...

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Some people questioned the new name.

This person called out the God fan base.

And this person even called it "stupid."

Finally, we have our third group of people: the people who don't call them "deviled eggs" or "yellow pocket angel eggs."

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This person said her husband's family calls them "blessed eggs."

This person's mom always called them "doubled eggs."

My personal favorite is "Jesus eggs."

In actuality, "deviled" refers to a "culinary term" from the 1700s which means something spicy.

Now, friendly lovely gorgeous BuzzFeed commentators: What do you think about calling them "yellow pocket angel eggs" from now on? Let me know in the comments. <3

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The end.