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In Appreciation Of English Muffins

A place to love English muffins. Come love with me, my people.

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Before we begin our devotion, let's take a look at our delicious unbaked babies.

That voila! Turn into this beauty.

Crack 'em open.

Lather some apricot jelly on thy surface.

Or strawberry.

Maybe a little peanut butter?

An egg over easy is always a good bet.

Or perhaps a poached egg is more your style?


Fancy a side of scrambled eggs?!

For all that I care you might as well turn it into an egg sandwich!

Or fuck breakfast and turn it into a pizza.

Okay sorry for cursing. I'm just playing here because this post would be absolutely nothing without the...


The way the butter seeps into those little nooks.

And those lovely crannies.

Spread into those nooks.

And crannies.

The nooks...

And the crannies...

In conclusion, enjoy these pictures of English muffins.

Spread the love (butter), and WHO NEEDS CRUMPETS ANYWAYS?!?!


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