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Ed Sheeran Uses Britney Spears To Finally Release A Good Song

A smart move TBH.

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When she's not busy being a seamstress...

...dedicating her time to feeding sorry, poor, and hungry horses....

...turning out said horses for sexy horse music videos...

...or learning that Ryan Seacrest, is, in fact, not actually gay...

Never forget this iconic moment when Britney Spears realized Ryan Seacrest wasn't gay. 😭

Britney Spears is busy making an impact on a destitute Englishman named Ed.

Ed Sheeran begs for water.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Ed Sheeran begs for water.

Well, this man named Ed Sheeran randomly uploaded his version of "Baby One More Time" to Spotify and it is, in fact, as I imagine British people say literally all the time, "not too shabby."

Johnnygreig / Getty Images

Listen to that here:

And lastly, remember, it's 2017 and Britney Spears is just too damn relevant.

The end.

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