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    Jennifer Lopez's Cup Will Make You Feel Poor And Ugly

    I love a cup.

    Here I am minding my own ugly business doing my own ugly things drinking out of ugly cups when I'm alerted by email that gorgeous Jennifer Lopez was doing a gorgeous thing and sipping out of a gorgeous cup.

    My dusty ass desk

    This is my trashy Mason jar. Also, I'm not drinking piss, IT'S GREEN TEA...but it still looks like piss! SMH.


    These are the pictures I'm talking about.

    Jose Perez / Jose Perez/http://<a href=" target="_blank">;lt;/a&amp;gt;

    *Transforms into gay mode*

    Yes, sweeties, your eyes aren't deceiving you. There's a new skinny legend on the block and it's J.Lo's cup!

    Jose Perez / Jose Perez / Splash News

    Bedazzled and beautiful, all eyes on her, ICONIC!, yas kwane!

    Erik Pendzich / Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

    You are giving me L-I-F-E, Miss Cup. Mariah is SHAKING putting honey in her peasant-ass champagne glass! Canceled and over!

    Jose Perez /Startraksphoto

    #ChaliceChicas* UNITE!

    Jose Perez /Startraksphoto

    *Jenifer Lopez's cup's fan group, I guess.

    In conclusion:

    I now stan a cup and that is where my life is.

    Jose Perez /Startraksphoto

    The end :(

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