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    Someone On Twitter Called Hairy Chests "Ick," And Gays Responded In The Gayest/Thirstiest Way Possible

    I love ick.

    Good morning and happy Tuesday.

    If you are a homosexual who lives on Twitter, then you've probably seen that today's discourse revolves around the word "ick" and hairy chests.

    What is going on why is everyone saying ick and talking about hairy chests???

    Twitter: @jfkmooseknuckle

    It's a bit chaotic, and as usual completely unnecessary, but let me explain it for you.

    This story begins with some random gay with a random opinion searching for attention. His tweet has been deleted, but it was something like this:

    Hairy chests? Ick? Obviously far from the truth.

    This prompted gays from across Twitter to post their hairy chests.

    Twitter: @mCase513

    Gay after gay jumped on the trend.

    Twitter: @AlmonsAlterEgo

    The revolution had begun.

    Apparently hairy chests are ick 🤷‍♀️

    Twitter: @hairy_witch

    Silenced no more, gays with hairy chests proudly reclaimed their ick.

    Twitter: @thatgreenboyy

    This gay was celebrating their "ick era."

    Twitter: @MannyDye

    This gay stood up to the ick patriarchy.

    Twitter: @onlybashy

    And this gay posted a picture of their hairy chest without even mentioning the fact that he is 6'4".

    Twitter: @rising

    A tiny gay miracle right there.

    Honestly, this is one Twitter trend I can get behind.

    Some people will call this #ick, but I happen to like it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Twitter: @pmc871

    It's really not that deep.

    Twitter: @topromanx

    And for a brief moment, probably 10 minutes, people on gay Twitter were united before half of y'all were like "I'm muting ick."

    Twitter: @boyisamonstera

    Though, I will say, some found peace in the whole thing.

    Honestly, after the *years* of being so ashamed of my body hair, this whole “ick” thing has me smiling. I literally would pluck, shave, do whatever it took to be smooth (and thus acceptable by the Pretty Gays) when I came out. Now? I’m a fucking gorilla and proud of it. 🦍✨💗

    Twitter: @CorvusCorax77

    Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Twitter: @alplicable

    Because some gays have moved on. If it worked for hairy chests, who knows what else it could work?

    Men who want to pay for my entire lifestyle give me the ick 👀

    Twitter: @hownowcowboiii

    To sum up today's two-hour viral Twitter trend: Gays will do anything to post a shirtless picture.

    Gays seeing a viral trend that involves posting their bare chests

    Twitter: @benyahr

    Now can we talk about butts?

    Gays are just WAITING for some hairy butt discourse

    Twitter: @benyahr