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    FYI, Tom From MySpace Is Living The Dream

    I want to be you, Tom from Myspace.

    Tom from Myspace, ’memba him?

    Of course you do — he was your first friggin' friend.

    LOL Myspace tho, right?!?!

    Welp, make fun of Myspace all you want because Myspace Tom is living the dream.

    Yup, you read that correctly, Tom from Myspace is retired. He sold Myspace for $580 million. He is rich AF.

    Now, he's just traveling the world taking pictures.

    He's always on the go because he's retired. He is a retired millionaire. RETIRED MILLIONAIRE.


    Sometimes he even travels in a Winnebego. Myspace Tom is a retired millionaire going on Winnebego trips. RETIRED MILLIONAIRE.

    In his retired life, he's gotten pretty good at taking pictures.

    Here's one of ice caves in Iceland:

    The Saharan desert:

    This is in Norway:

    The Philippines:

    And here's Australia:

    So, next time someone makes a Tom from Myspace joke, just remember, that dude is living the dream.

    Only thing that sucks is that he will forever be named "Tom from Myspace."