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    I Need A Safe Place To Talk About Nicolas Cage And His New Girlfriend And All The Weird Things They've Been Doing Together Lately

    Tomb date <3

    Nicolas Cage has had a new girlfriend for a couple months now.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Her name is Riko Shibata and she's 26 and he's 56. But what do I care?! They're two consenting adults!! Age ain't nothing but a number, baby!

    Michael Kovac / Getty Images

    I first heard of the happy couple when I saw that Nic had taken her on a date to visit his tomb in New Orleans.

    How romantic!

    Beth J Harpaz / Beth J Harpaz / AP/Shutterstock

    They've been all over town for the last month, and I've quickly become invested in their relationship because I am a loser with no life.

    Bg017 / GC Images

    The two have been spotted carrying a stuffed beluga whale animal.

    Road, Rotp20 / BACKGRID

    They were also seen using hand sanitizer.

    Aris / BrosNYC / BACKGRID

    One time they wore matching black leather pants for a date to the Natural History Museum.

    Elder Ordonez / Elder Ordonez /

    Another time they took a horse carriage ride in the park.

    Felipe Ramales / Felipe Ramales /

    What a look!

    Splash News

    So yeah, they go on tomb dates, wear matching clothes, and sanitize their hands together. Love it.

    Elder Ordonez / Elder Ordonez /

    Good luck, you two!

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    And one last thing, I'd like to point out how love looks good on you, Nic!

    Here's a picture before he met Riko:

    Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

    After here's a picture after:

    Araya Diaz / Getty Images

    I'd say that's an upgrade. Happy for you, Mr. Cage!

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