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    I Love These Pictures Of Leonardo DiCaprio Giving Some Random Man Directions Because They Give Off A Particular Vibe Of The Type Of Person I Imagine Leonardo DiCaprio To Be

    So generous, so caring, so giving.

    Have a seat, pop a squat, pour a drink, and saddle in: I have maybe a 40-second story to tell.

    It all starts with Leonardo DiCaprio walking with a friend in the West Village in New York City. They're just minding their own business, probably engaging in risky vaping behavior.

    Yes, that's Kevin Connolly from Entourage.

    Their brief moment of calm ends in an instance.

    An instance.

    A man identified only as "Confused Looking Tourist" approaches Leo and the guy from Entourage. He needs directions.

    Confused Looking Tourist points one way. Leo points another.

    "Well, actually," Leo's hand language suggests. This finger is practically wearing a fedora, it knows so much.

    "I think I've got it."

    Their fingers align in a directional agreement. It appears we have a match.

    "It's that way."

    Whew, what a selfless act and riveting experience. Christopher Columbus could never, Mother Teresa is shaking in her grave, and Google Maps is canceled.

    But seriously, imagine being a random man on the sidewalk and asking someone for directions, and it turns out to be Leonardo DiCaprio.

    What a moment that would be.