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    Dec 19, 2019

    16 Characters Who Actually Are The Worst In "Love Actually"

    A definitive list.

    16. Hot Karl

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    It pains me to put Hot Karl on this list, but I have to do what I have to do. He gets what he deserves. While very hot, Hot Karl handles Sarah's brother's situation quite poorly. We were rooting for you, Hot Karl, we were all rooting for you.

    15. Mr. Bean

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    He's slow and bad at his job.

    14. Daisy, Karen's daughter

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    She just kind of bothers me.

    13. The old lady who answers the door when the Prime Minister is looking for Natalie

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    It takes her about two minutes to realize the Prime Minister is at her door. That bugged me.

    12. Karla

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    She kisses Tony on first meet even though she doesn't know him. That's weird and not normal!

    11. Jamie's Girlfriend

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    She's super sick in the beginning which, health wise, is gross. She also cheats on Jamie with his brother which isn't cool.

    10. Jamie's Brother

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    He hooks up with his brother's girlfriend. That's electric chair worthy.

    9. The President of the United States

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    Asshole. Not my President.

    8. Juliet

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    I love her funky hats but she kisses her husband's best friend. In my books, that's messed up!

    7. The Prime Minister

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    He's the Prime Minister and he hooks up with a junior person on his staff. Um...someone call HR.

    6. Aurelia's father

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    5. Aurelia's sister

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    She doesn't believe in true love. A sad person who will die alone.

    4. Mia

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    She dresses up as the devil for a Christmas party, which like, who does that? While Harry is just a stupid asshole, Mia is the true villain of the film. Super CHAOTIC energy.

    3. Colin

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    His mission in life is to hook up with American girls, like he literally goes to Wisconsin because he thinks more girls will sleep with him. He is a penis, like literally he should just be used as a penis because that's all he's worth!

    2. Harry

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    Harry is a terrible person. I will never forget the scene where Emma Thompson's character opens the CD and then goes to her room to cry. That's unforgivable and Harry will burn in hell for it.

    1. Mark

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    A literal stalker. He's obsessed with his best friend's wife and makes videos of her. Lock him up.

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