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    38 Things People Sold On Facebook Marketplace That Show Just How Weird That World Can Be

    Facebook Marketplace is a wild place.

    1. These literal footstools:

    How cursed are these stools i found on Facebook marketplace

    Twitter: @deedoersch

    2. A single Dorito in a jar:

    Only the best deals are found on Facebook Marketplace

    Twitter: @Rh3t0ricTV

    3. These "spooky pies":

    Someone on facebook is selling “spooky pies”

    Twitter: @MaxTGreenberg

    4. This gorgeous $120 bargain dress:

    Someone is selling this dress on Facebook for $120, I don't think I would wear it if you paid me $120!

    Twitter: @leaseM_87

    5. Fingers:

    Found just what I was looking for on Facebook marketplace.

    Twitter: @Gibbywan1973

    6. This piece of art:

    what a treasure my mom has found on Facebook marketplace

    Twitter: @hello__caitlin

    7. Various condoms:

    Found this absolute gem on Facebook marketplace.

    Twitter: @oghudsonknox

    8. A single AirPod:

    Oh yeah someone on facebook is selling one (1) airpod for 50 bux

    Twitter: @milkshapes

    9. Just a bunch of McDonald's straws:

    Someone on Facebook is selling plastic ‘real McDonald’s straws’ 🤣

    Twitter: @mattlyynch

    10. This garden ornament:

    Someone on Facebook is selling this, I am soooo tempted to buy it and put it on the bare patch mil dug up in garden, what do you think? 😂🤣😂

    Twitter: @Janhatesmarmite

    11. These used coffins:

    Hubby found this on Facebook marketplace 🤣🤣🤣

    Twitter: @empress_solace

    12. This actually cool mirror:

    Please look at this mirror I have found on Facebook marketplace

    Twitter: @cescabentley

    13. These Ronald and Nancy Reagan slippers:

    I’m starting a thread of the weird and terrifying things for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Starting with these absolutely horrifying slippers available for $18

    Twitter: @MaggieMarshTN

    14. Three pounds of brand-new cheddar cheese:

    todays episode of the weirdest listings i can find on facebook marketplace

    Twitter: @samanthtoronto

    15. Just some heads:

    Twitter: @peachyaxx

    16. These strawberry treats:

    Look at this listing I found on Facebook Marketplace.

    Twitter: @elmcdo

    17. This Father's Day gift:

    facebook marketplace is a weird place 🤨

    Twitter: @fairypositions

    18. This Elon Musk headphone stand:

    How do I keep finding such weird things in Facebook Marketplace? Also, who the heck would buy this??

    Twitter: @Rh3t0ricTV

    19. This cute candle:

    Facebook marketplace is wild. Why are straight women so fucking weird????

    Twitter: @nuthinbetter

    20. A bunch of telephone poles:

    today on weird facebook marketplace listings, this woman is selling entire telephone poles.

    Twitter: @joannanuisance

    21. This fashion statement:

    Just found these monstrosities on Facebook marketplace. Burn them

    Twitter: @MaxLoomes

    22. This other fashion statement:

    facebook marketplace is fucking weird

    Twitter: @heyelyssa

    23. Four bags of rubber spaghetti:

    Twitter: @yourfaceizawsum

    24. This aquarium filled with a nativity scene:

    found this aquarium on facebook marketplace and the description says to ignore the contents inside of it.....but I cannot

    Twitter: @bigw666rm

    25. This nice little bathroom sign:

    Just Missouri things. (Found on Facebook Marketplace)

    Twitter: @AbjectZero

    26. These cute figurines:

    My town is losing its mind because someone is selling these figurines on a local auction group on facebook

    Twitter: @KILLCZOP

    27. This "one of a kind" furry dresser:

    Can't stop thinking of these insane drawers I found on Facebook Marketplace

    Twitter: @vickyidobson

    28. This nice couch:

    Meanwhile, over on facebook, someone is selling this if you’re interested .....

    Twitter: @kv_berry2016

    29. A waterproof sock:

    Went on Facebook marketplace and found this. What

    Twitter: @TheIcingFrog

    30. A gnome ballerina:

    haunted by this gnome ballerina figurine i found on facebook marketplace for $89

    Twitter: @lillievukin

    31. These kind of smelly earrings:

    I found this on Facebook marketplace if anyone doesn’t know what to get me for Christmas

    Twitter: @ambbatty

    32. A couch made of multiple pairs of jeans:

    This is my favourite thing I’ve ever found on Facebook marketplace

    Twitter: @isabellefayy

    33. Whatever this is:

    Found this on Facebook marketplace if anybody is interested.

    Twitter: @sgmckay

    34. A 1985 Chevrolet "pirate ship":

    Look at this fuckin pirate ship I found on Facebook marketplace. Who wants to split the cost with me

    Twitter: @LeynaThePicardy

    35. A MAGA Claw of liberal tears:

    Ok I think I officially found the worst item for sale on Facebook marketplace

    Twitter: @Kovaltrick

    36. Charles Manson's baby teeth:

    small teeth on a red cloth

    37. These friendly dolls:

    Someone is selling these on my Facebook. If you live in Potter’s Bar, I would suggest never leaving your house again.

    Twitter: @lucytopping

    38. And this basketball Halloween mask:

    hey guys check out what i found on facebook marketplace today

    Twitter: @nbclear

    Happy shopping!

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