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Gwyneth Paltrow Shared A Picture Of Her Daughter, Apple, Wearing Her Most Controversial Dress, Which I'm Surprised She Still Has In The First Place

People acted like that dress was the devil or something.

Gwyneth Paltrow did a Q&A on Instagram last night.

Ask me a question written below Gwyneth's bio pic on IG

And we learned *plenty* of fascinating things about Gwyn and her big, fat, fabuuuulous life.

We learned that she ate an omelet for breakfast.

She said her favorite French word is "conard," which I just learned means "asshole."

Her favorite food? A shocker: anchovies.

And then we found out what happens to some of her red carpet fashions.

Soooo, when it comes to "worst dressed at the Oscars," there's one dress that always snatches a top-five placement on lists.

Gwyneth on the red carpet in a gown with a sheer ruched sleeveless top and a satin bottom with short train

That dress would be Gwyneth's 2002 Oscars dress:

At the time, the BBC bashed it: "This morning Gwyneth Paltrow is probably sobbing with embarrassment," they said.

Well, apparently Gwyn's daughter, Apple, sometimes raids her closet because she still has it.

Gwyn posted this pic of Apple in her closet in *that* dress.

Honestly, it looks way better in 2023. People really acted like that dress was the devil or something.

Anyway, that's your daily dose of Goopy Gwyn. Do with it what you will.