Google 1999: An 11-Year-Old's Documentary

    This is what Google was like in 1999 as seen through a 5th-grader's eyes. Basically, FREE SNAPPLE.

    The "documentary" was uploaded to YouTube by an ex-googler. The video description says:

    Shortly after I joined Google in 1999, my 5th-grade son asked if he could shoot a video at my office. His homework assignment was to introduce his younger brother to something new. This was the result. There was no one in the building but the 3 of us, and my son's camera technique was a bit raw, so it's likely of limited interest to anyone but our immediate friends and family, but you're welcome to take a look if you're curious.

    The video starts in the parking lot. Welcome to Google in 1999!

    Walk this way through the glamorous hallway...

    Pass the tastefully decorated stairwell...

    Check out that sweet office...

    And into the kitchen with SO MUCH FREE FOOD.

    Of course there was a leftover pizza box on the counter:

    They had a giant bowl of M+Ms:

    A slightly smaller bowl of Peanut M+Ms:

    Lots of FREE Snapple and Fraps:

    UNLIMITED bubblegum:

    And a wall full of cereal!

    They had an air hockey room:

    A sick exercise room:

    A SEGA Dreamcast:

    A conference room desk that doubled as a ping pong table:

    And for some reason, they had giant inflatable balls around the office:

    Watch the full "documentary" here:

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