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    20 Squirrels That Will Make You Say "Me With Food"

    I'm hungry.

    Do you feel problematic? Are you often amazed by just how petty you are? Did someone just laugh loudly and you're like, WHAT'S SO F*CKING FUNNY SHUT THE F*CK UP?!

    *Tips hat*

    Same. ME TOO.

    Well, well, well, do I have the perfect remedy for you...

    *British accent* It's actually quite simple: Look at these pictures of squirrels eating food like humans.

    All you need to do is scroll.

    1. Let's start with this picture of a squirrel with a big-ass avocado:

    2. Feel your hatred melt away with this pic of a squirrel and a jar of Nutella:

    3. Take a deep breath, because here's a squirrel with a waffle:

    4. And here's a picture of a squirrel eating a Starburst:

    5. Doesn't this feel oddly satisfying?

    6. Looking at pictures of squirrels eating human food is like doing yoga without the annoying stretches and painful poses.

    7. It's like therapy minus the whole exposing your deepest, darkest fears to some rando person.

    8. It's basically like looking at yourself but in squirrel form.

    9. This squirrel was you last weekend when you were drunk as hell insisting YOU NEEDED pizza.

    10. This squirrel eating a bagel is you hungover on Saturday morning.

    11. And this squirrel is just running away with a burrito. SO RELATABLE.




    Welp, let me try harder.

    14. Here's a squirrel with an entire friggin' sandwich.

    15. Here's a squirrel with a cheesesteak that's like twice the size of its own body.

    16. And here's a squirrel with a damn taco.

    17. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that it's a great time to be alive.

    18. The world really is a beautiful place.

    19. It's filled with magic and wonder.

    20. And lastly, here's a squirrel eating Chipotle.

    Dreams do come true. The end.

    Also don't feed squirrels because that's gross.