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    33 Totally Relatable GIFs For Everyone Who's Ever Ended Up In Witness Protection As A Nun

    Were you a Vegas showgirl? Did you find out your boyfriend was in the mob? Did you then have to go into witness protection as a nun in a convent? Then this post is for you!

    1. When you're performing at a sleazy casino and the guy playing video poker isn't giving you the time of day:

    2. When you realize your Vegas showgirl career is over:

    3. When your boyfriend, who you later find out is in the mob, gives you a purple fur coat:

    4. When you walk into a room and see your boyfriend shooting some dude in the head:

    5. When an FBI agent takes you under his wing and tells you have to live in convent:

    6. When you meet the head nun for the first time and she's all:

    7. And you're like:

    8. When you look at yourself in the mirror in your habit for the first time:

    9. "Nuh-huh"

    10. When you hear the church choir and you wonder if everyone is hearing the same thing as you:

    11. When you take over the choir and realize you're in over your head:

    12. When you're shading the head nun:

    13. When you're conducting:

    14. When you get really into your routine with the sisters:

    15. When you stare longingly at the struggling community around you:

    16. When you finish another amazing performance and you give a smug look to the head nun that doubted you:

    17. When you're cleaning a pew and you find something funky:

    18. When you're connecting with the at-risk youth:

    19. When you walk into a bar and everyone's all like:

    20. And you're just like:

    21. When you're getting your community service on:

    22. When the head nun catches you getting your community service on and you get all embarrassed:

    23. When your psychotic ex-bf from the mob finds out where you are but you can't abandon your sisters because you have to perform for the Pope:

    24. When you get kidnapped at gunpoint and you're like WTF:

    25. "This sucks":

    26. When your ex-bf from the mob takes you to a casino and you escape and do some gambling:

    27. When your sisters find you in the casino and you're all surprised and wonder how they got there:

    28. When you're about to swear at your ex that tried to kill you, but a nun stops you and you tell him "bless you" instead:

    29. When you're performing for the Pope:

    30. When one of your girls hits that high note:

    31. When the Pope is all like this...

    32. .. and you're like:

    33. When your work at the convent is done:

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