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Show Us The Gayest Picture Of Yourself As A Kid

Because we all have time to go through our old pictures to find it.

Are you a guh guh guh gaaaay, bi, trans, etc.?

Amos Morgan / Getty Images

Excellent. I need you.

Creatas / Getty Images

I'm sure you have great pictures of yourself that scream "how did I not know?!"

Matt Stopera

Maybe you celebrated Britney Spears' birthday and forced your friends to sing "Happy Birthday" to a cardboard cutout.

Matt Stopera

The cake spells out "Brit" in marshmallows.

Maybe you were always striking a pose.

Matt Stopera

I had just bought the "The Immaculate Collection," okay?

Or maybe you were just OBSESSED with watching figure skating at the Olympics.

Matt Stopera

Bless my mom who was "surprised" when I came out.

Sooooo, because we're all at home and have NOTHING better to do, share with us your "gayest" childhood picture along with a little explanation about it in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!