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    FYI, This Is What Vanessa Carlton Is Up To These Days

    it involves a piano but it's no "A Thousand Miles."

    *Diddles piano*

    'Memba Vanessa Carlton? Well duh, OF COURSE you do. And now this song is stuck in your head and all you can think about is the movie "White Chicks."

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    15 years after "A Thousand Miles," Vanessa Carlton JUST released a new album that is legitimately REALLY good!

    If reviews are your thing, the Boston Globe says, "These 10 intimate songs, which track life's little complexities and the quest for happiness, coalesce into a smartly revealing song suite."

    For people who are into Pitchfork, they gave the album a 7.8, which is is like really, really good.

    And now for the point of this post. You all should listen to her new song "Operator." It's a total bop.

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    Diddle on, VC!