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A Fox News Host Tried To Interview People About Crime, And It Hilariously Backfired On Him When They All Started Mocking Him

"Oh no, you're in a car. Oh no, they were hurting you so bad."

A Fox News host had the brilliant idea to interview people in Seattle about crime.

A person talking to a woman who says, "I've never seen any crime"

Except that interview didn't go exactly as planned...

"A woman saying Residents in blue cities are embracing the decay"

The clip of his failed attempt at stirring the pot is going viral:

Twitter: @abughazalehkat

From "I've never seen any crime in Seattle. I've never seen any of it. I've seen fun and laughter and laughter and fun."

"Residents in blue cities are embracing the decay"

To "Crime is a social issue that could be solved by giving people their basic needs."

"Seattle Resident: I've never seen any crime"

The people being interviewed simply weren't having it.

Twitter: @alittleleader

The real star of the video was this woman in a green jacket:

Fox/Twitter: @grocerieswegner

"Green jacket treating Fox News with the exact level of seriousness it deserves," one person said.

Fox/Twitter: @FreckleCBC

"Lady with the green jacket mocking the Fox reporter is my hero," another said.

Fox/ Twitter: @fangirlcantina

However you feel about the issue, clearly a *star was born* that day.

"Residents in blue cities are embracing the decay"