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    For Anyone Who Believes Gerard Piqué Is An Underrated, Beautifully Awesome DILF

    This post is for you!

    Hi! This is a super hot DILF named Gerard Piqué. If you don't know who he is then I feel sorry for you!

    First of all, he's hot. Second of all, he plays soccer.

    Shakira owns him, which blows.

    Buuuuut she also gave him a baby which transformed him into a DILF. DILFs are hot.

    Generally, posting ultrasounds is gross and TMI. When Gerard does it it's adorable.

    Here he is holding his baby and even though his thumb appears to be a baby's arm... it is still hot.

    Can you stand it?

    *Not able to stand it*

    This is what he looks like naked with a soccer ball bouncing on his knee.

    And this is what he looks like immediately after he falls on the ground.

    He's always around a bunch of 1/2 naked dudes.

    Which I can totally dig.

    *Digging this photo*

    *Also digging this photo*

    This is what he looks like with a mustache.

    This is what he looks like lifting up a black rain boot.

    This is what he looks like walking in a white net.

    He also knows Elmo.

    He celebrates Chinese New Year.

    He picks his own mushrooms.

    And shockingly looks good in suits.*

    Via Facebook: 3GerardPique

    *Not actually shocked.

    He models because duh.


    *Duh again*

    Random note: Even killer whales want a piece.

    Now stretch your neck to the right.

    That feels great.

    Much better!

    Now cry at how ridiculously cute these next two pictures are.


    Thank you for your time and perfect smile.

    Also your body.

    CALL ME.

    *Goes back to computer and feels sorry about myself*

    You will never be mine...

    Damn you, Shakira.


    Damn you.

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