EVERYONE Is Making Jokes About Facebook And Instagram Being Down, And Here Are 33 Of The Funniest Ones

    Sorry to everyone's grandma.

    I'm sure you know, because you clicked on this post, but Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads are down!

    Hand holding a smartphone displaying icons of popular social media apps

    Because everyone jumped to X and started crackin' jokes, here are some of my favorites:


    Facebook & IG ain’t working…busting these out right quick pic.twitter.com/CHBr215aaJ

    — Maxwell (@MaxwellsHouse) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @MaxwellsHouse


    we know why you’re all here rn

    — X (@X) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @X


    Me checking twitter to confirm if instagram is down #instagramdown pic.twitter.com/ol88zcVIE1

    — Ayushi (@ShutupAyushiii) March 5, 2024
    Fox / Via Twitter: @ShutupAyushiii


    It’s always Instagram or Facebook down but never Microsoft Teams down. pic.twitter.com/xj4V5DfAka

    — Our Rach (@ourrachblogs) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @ourrachblogs


    NOW SHUT DOWN THEM STUDENT LOAN SITES LIKE YOU SHUT DOWN FB & IG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FaceBookDown #InstagramDown pic.twitter.com/DWJhC2LGua

    — Brad B. | ✝️🎨👟💪🏾 (@imag3madefit) March 5, 2024
    Getty Images / Via Twitter: @imag3madefit


    *Facebook & IG stop working

    The world: pic.twitter.com/eyclhCDMIg

    — vids that go hard (@vidsthatgohard) March 5, 2024
    Fox / Via Twitter: @vidsthatgohard


    Everyone running over to twitter to confirm it isn’t just them that can’t login to FB & IG right now pic.twitter.com/SnyjVMc6K8

    — Randi Savage (@randi_savage) March 5, 2024
    Comedy Central / Via Twitter: @randi_savage


    no instagram? no problem! we don't have wifi anyway

    — Ryanair (@Ryanair) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @Ryanair


    Me making my annual return to X because instagram and Facebook are down #instagramdown #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/LiBqXEFLX3

    — Brozzay (@leahbrody) March 5, 2024
    Lifetime / Via Twitter: @leahbrody


    Death, taxes, me checking Twitter to see if Facebook/IG are down for anyone else…. pic.twitter.com/gewm8IEyoq

    — Abby Meinke (@abbymeinke) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @abbymeinke


    Everybody checking twitter to see if facebook is down for everyone else #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/Yq1WTsfsqp

    — Pizza Dad (@Pizza__Dad) March 5, 2024
    Fox / Via Twitter: @Pizza__Dad


    everyone coming on Twitter to check if Instagram and Facebook is down or not pic.twitter.com/rf2LEtCByg

    — ☔ (@Whotfismick) March 5, 2024
    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @Whotfismick


    me opening twitter to see if my phone is not broken, and facebook and messenger is just down #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/reuhmUnrDb

    — winchester 🤍 (@alltoowin) March 5, 2024


    Everyone running to X to confirm fb, ig are down #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/VWYm7jsNnc

    — Kyle Pemberton (@kylepemberton6) March 5, 2024
    NBC / Via Twitter: @kylepemberton6


    Facebook & IG right about now ... pic.twitter.com/VNbzwwfuHY

    — Jeopardy! (@Jeopardy) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @Jeopardy


    zuckerberg watching people go to x to see why facebook & ig is down pic.twitter.com/GGE3ETeYrj

    — Jaçkayę (@ayejackaye) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @ayejackaye


    welcome back to Twitter, where some of you turn to when FB/IG is down pic.twitter.com/2D4hvlfzGz

    — Amy Langdon (@alangdon17) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @alangdon17


    People checking Twitter if Instagram and Facebook is down or not. #instagramdown #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/s7d1xIudbn

    — Ambani jiii (@ambani_jiii) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @ambani_jiii


    Mark Zuckerberg right now pic.twitter.com/QJo3Uw6PNn

    — Brandon Moore (@indigo_15) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @indigo_15


    Me making my annual return to X because instagram and Facebook are down#instagramdown #facebookdown #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/iLvTcYXiqp

    — R (@flower64130174) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @flower64130174


    Everyone on Facebook & IG right now pic.twitter.com/KwRrZR55NP

    — Anip Patel (@AnipPatel) March 5, 2024
    Comedy Central / Via Twitter: @AnipPatel


    How people who only have Facebook & Ig feel rn. pic.twitter.com/241CDhvUJv

    — Hackangel💎💎 (@Djhackangel) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @Djhackangel


    Facebook & IG has us missing the good ole flip phone days. pic.twitter.com/AlplY0rsLc

    — Blue Man Group (@bluemangroup) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @bluemangroup


    Facebook & IG down? 😱We're prepared for that kind of emergency @McGillins! pic.twitter.com/igKJ7WN6eI

    — McGillin's (@McGillins) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @McGillins


    Me coming to Twitter after Facebook/IG is down pic.twitter.com/LjfxrMEm8m

    — RavensBama Fan _ Tx (@MariaW_Tx) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @MariaW_Tx


    Tom from MySpace watching Facebook & IG being down pic.twitter.com/Gu9bEHoANm

    — Rome (@Iheanaju) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @Iheanaju


    Elon after finding out Facebook & IG are downpic.twitter.com/gOJP51NHes

    — diablo (@starboydiablo) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @starboydiablo


    Tom from MySpace laughing it up because Facebook & IG going down hasn't been his problem in a long time. pic.twitter.com/V75nHoOMPQ

    — charmane harbert ✝️ 🇺🇸 (@callme_Chari) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @callme_Chari


    Facebook and Instagram stopped working

    Meanwhile People who don't use twitter:👇 pic.twitter.com/uzjHSlaWSR

    — LANDLORD🇰🇪 (@bozgabi) March 5, 2024
    Netflix / Via Twitter: @bozgabi


    me after seeing “session expired” and “unexpected error” #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/C5UEktv7Um

    — Kieran Tiu (@imkierantiu) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @imkierantiu


    boomers on facebook trying to log in even it keeps saying session expired#facebookdownpic.twitter.com/hiNzcVBqdY

    — Criza⁷ ♕ (@crizababe) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @crizababe


    Thought I was hacked but checked Twitter and found out it wasn’t just my FB/IG pic.twitter.com/fWn9Zx98Ts

    — IG: olesoul57.2 ♉️ (@olesoul57_2) March 5, 2024
    Dimension Films / Via Twitter: @olesoul57_2

    33. And lastly...

    Every calm down Mark Zuckerberg is working on Facebook & Ig pic.twitter.com/AreJlhFrw1

    — Oliver Kai (@Larkin20Paige) March 5, 2024
    Twitter: @Larkin20Paige