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    16 Super Famous People Holding Random Things When They Were Poor So They Could Get Them For Free

    And by "poor" I mean they probably had like a million dollars.

    What are you looking at...

    At some award shows and famous people events there are these things called "gifting suites." The suites are basically photo opportunities for celebrities to take pictures of products in exchange for them. It's basically "take this picture and we'll give you this thing for free."

    The following are pictures of people who are very famous today but weren't so famous back in the day so they were willing to do anything for free shit. Enjoy.

    1. Rihanna and tin cans of popcorn.

    Brian Ach / WireImage for ON 3 PRODUCTIONS

    2. Miley Cyrus and a bottle of spray cleaner.

    Jesse Grant / WireImage

    3. Lady Gaga holding up a shirt from a local NYC gym.

    Mark Von Holden / WireImage

    4. Demi Lovato and a Tupperware bowl.

    David Becker / WireImage

    5. Selena Gomez and some Omega-3 pills.

    Tiffany Rose / WireImage

    6. The Jonas Brothers with bottles of hairspray.

    Brian Ach / WireImage

    7. Rihanna being presented a Sidekick.

    Alexandra Wyman / WireImage for Tamie Peters & Chr

    8. Rihanna experiencing pure joy with her Sidekick.

    Alexandra Wyman / WireImage for Tamie Peters & Chr

    9. Pete Wentz and Bratz doll.

    Mychal Watts / WireImage for ON 3 PRODUCTIONS

    10. Justin Bieber and some Bratz Dolls.

    Mark Von Holden

    11. Katy Perry and a digital camera.

    Brian Ach

    12. Lady Gaga and the game Clue.

    Mark Von Holden / WireImage

    13. Lady Gaga and a Sodastream.

    Mark Von Holden

    14. Aaron Paul and a tube of toothpaste.

    Mark Sullivan / WireImage

    15. The Jonas Brothers and a Roomba.

    Joe Kohen / WireImage

    16. And Rihanna with a teeny tiny guitar.

    Mark Sullivan / WireImage for The Recording Acad

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