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    38 Early 2000s Trends That Were Horrifying, Hilarious, And Low-Key Iconic

    This post is equal parts "lol" and "omg that was iconic."

    1. Aggressively gelled and frosted tips

    2. Bandages as an accessory for the cheek

    3. Jeans under dresses

    4. Belly button chains with charms on them

    5. Invisible eyebrows

    6. These type of sunglasses

    7. Jeans that needed to be laced up from the sides

    8. Shirts that were laced up from the front

    9. Jeans that needed to be laced up in the front

    10. You literally had to tie all of your clothes on.

    11. Extreme, almost magical, low-rise jeans

    12. A classy fedora

    13. Shredded turtlenecks

    14. Just, like, this overall look.

    Baggy ripped jeans and a popped collar

    15. "Vote For Pedro" shirts

    16. I don't even know what to call these.

    17. Bedazzled cellphones

    18. Distressed bootleg jeans

    19. Very long scarves

    20. Very large ties

    21. Low-rise sweatpants

    22. Shiny, large spacesuits

    23. Shirts with casual drug references

    24. Again, I don't even know.

    NSYNC with large suits

    25. Skunk highlights

    26. Goggles

    27. Very large suits

    28. Whispy, overgrown hair

    29. Jeans with large sections cut from the waistband

    30. Long denim skirts

    31. "Designer" facial hair

    32. Extremely short bangs

    33. Feather elbow guards

    34. Dip-dyed hair

    35. These sunglasses

    36. One exposed thong strap

    37. Two exposed thong straps

    38. And a thong that was literally part of the outfit