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    A Clip From A UK News Broadcast Is Going Mega Viral Because It's JUST Like The Movie "Don't Look Up"

    Well, this is low-key terrifying.

    Don't Look Up came out on Netflix last year.

    The main characters of Don't Look Up sit at a desk with hosts of a talk show called the daily rip

    You either liked it or you hated it.

    The movie is about two astronomers who discover a comet that's headed toward earth and will destroy civilization/everything.

    Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, Leo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lawrence having a discussion in a scene from Don't Look Up

    Nobody listens to them, politicians turn the whole thing political, and the world is...

    It's basically a commentary on how messed up the world currently is.

    Meryl Streep in a pantsuit

    Now, let's talk about the UK.

    Someone holds a thermometer outside that reads over 100 degrees Fahrenheit

    Yesterday, the UK registered their highest temperature EVER.

    A person trying to cool off at a fountain

    Europe as a whole was melting.

    And now, Ben Philips on Twitter has combined the two — a clip from Don't Look Up, and a surreal clip of a meteorologist being interviewed by two dismissive anchors on UK TV.

    Here's the clip that is going super viral on Twitter:

    A clip from Don’t Look Up, and then a real TV interview that just happened

    Netflix/GBN/ Twitter: @benphillips76

    The first clip shows Jennifer Lawrence pleading to news anchors to take them seriously.

    The news anchors don't want to hear it and say they "like to keep things light."

    That Don't Look Up clip is juxtaposed with a clip from a British news broadcast about the heatwave.

    "I think there will be hundreds if not thousands of excess deaths early next week," the meteorologist, John Hammond, says.

    "The charts I can see in front of me are frightening."

    "We all like nice weather, but this will not be nice weather. This will be potentially lethal weather."

    "Oh, John. I want us to be happy about the weather," the news anchor interrupts.

    "I don't know if there's something that's happened to meteorologists that have made you a bit fatalistic and harbingers of doom."

    "All of the broadcasts, particularly the BBC, every time I turn it on they're talking about the weather, they're talking about tons of fatalities. Haven't we always had hot weather?!"

    "Heatwaves are becoming more and more extreme. Here is another coming down the tracks towards us...," he finishes.


    So, there you have it.

    The characters from Don't Look Up walking through a grocery store with many items gone and trash littering the floor

    Every day, our lives become more and more like a disaster movie.