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9 Houses That Look Normal On The Outside But Are Anything But On The Inside

Never judge a house by its cover.

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1. This looks like just another one of those average storage barn places.

Morton Buildings / Via

Yeah, no. It's not.

Morton Buildings / Via

It's a custom-built house in San Antonio, Texas, made by Morton Buildings. They specialize in making these giant, hangar-type properties.

Morton Buildings / Via

It's huge.

Morton Buildings / Via

2. This is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Newport, Oregon.

It looks...pretty boring.

Except nope.

On the inside, it's like a medieval castle.

Like, it's legit.

Look at this archway!

The dining room!

And the best part ---> the bedroom.

You can purchase it, stained glass and all, for the low price of $399,000.

3. This crappy-looking place is in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Except it's actually nice as hell.

Like WHAT?!


: 0

You can buy this guy for a cool $1,160,000.

And it even comes with this backyard.

4. This one's a little different. It's in Toronto.!/0

Go inside and you'll realize almost immediately...!/0

...that you've gone back in time.!/0

The house has been left unchanged since the 1960s.!/0

The woman who owns the house is 97 years old and has left it in "pristine" condition.!/0

I mean, look at this bar and wood paneling.!/0

It was on the market for $699,000.!/0

5. This next one is in upstate New York and is perfect for a zombie apocalypse.

It's really nice...

...but there's something else...

...get closer... that huge door...

...and you're into your own personal underground home.

Wait out the zombie apocalypse in comfort for $1,760,000.

There's a silo too!

6. Here's another one in the U.K.

It has a normal backyard.

Thing is: IT'S ALL PURPLE.

Literally everything...


So you better like purple.

And guess what? Someone actually bought this house for £400,000.

7. This one's a fine-looking house.

It has a basic living room...

...a normal kitchen...

...and a basic bedroom. Nothing fishy here.

But what's that back there?!

Oh, nothing. It's just YOUR OWN PRIVATE PUB.

This house has a private pub in the backyard.

It's a totally real, functioning pub. This sold for £249,950.

8. Now we're in Chicago.

I'll spare the dramatics — this apartment is straight-up untouched since the 1970s.

Like, look at that wallpaper!

The dining room!


And whatever is happening in here.

This one is for sale for only $168,724!

9. Lastly, this house in Oxford looks legit. It was for rent for £2,250 per month.

Zoopia / Via

It has a nice little living room...

Zoopia / Via

...a quaint little dining area...

Zoopia / Via

...and a totally fine kitchen.

Zoopia / Via

There's also a giant shark sticking out of the building.

Zoopia / Via

Happy house hunting!

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