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    This Italian Woman Explained Why It's Downright Ungodly And Barbaric To Break Pasta

    Again, she's got a point.

    Last week, the one and only PASTA QUEEN absolutely destroyed anyone who drinks cappuccinos after noon.

    The Pasta Queen on camera saying "it's a breakfast drink"

    For context: If you order a cappuccino in Italy after 11 or 12, people will look at you like you are a monster.

    A cappuccino on a table as someone lifts foam out of the cup

    That's why she posted this PSA:

    "It's coffee, it's frothed milk. It's good to awaken your senses before 10, if you really want to push it to 11, but not after 12," she says.

    Her second reason is it's just too much damn milk!

    "When you're eating a meal, you have enough going on with all of those great calories and the cheeses. All you need is a quick espresso," she pleads.

    Well, she's back and ready to rip you a new one!

    This time, she's talking about breaking pasta.

    dried pasta

    For those who don't know, breaking pasta is an absolute no-go for most Italian people. It's straight-up barbaric!

    Two hands breaking a handful of pasts into two bunches

    Here's her latest PSA on the problematic practice:

    "Do you know how long it took to dry this in the sun? With the wind?" she starts.

    "Do you know why it is shaped this way? Because it is meant to be LONG!" she screams.

    "The only way you're going to break a spahgetto EVER is by a nonna making you a minestrone soup with spaghetti chopped because there's nothing else in the pantry."

    "Someone put so much love and passion in creating something so delicate. Why do you have to break it?" she asks.

    "It's supposed to be twirled on your fork. It's an act of love. It's romantic. Something you share. Remember the Lady and the Tramp?! There is a reason why they didn't break the spaghetti!" she concluded.

    So, there you have it, she's got a point!

    Thank you for your service, Miss Pasta Queen.

    You are doing true humanitarian work here