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Did You Know Celine Dion Has Her Own Personal $72 Million Water Park Mansion?

Because why wouldn't she?

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Deep in the heart of Jupiter, Fla., there lives a woman. You may know this woman from her worldwide smash hits, "The Power Of Love", "It's All Coming Back To Me," or a little ditty called "My Heart Will Go On." Her name, Céline Marie Claudette Dion.

Yes, Céline Marie Claudette Dion is her real, actual name. And yes, this is a real, actual photograph that she took with a floating water droplet baby.

Via Miracle

Celine lives in a $72 million mansion with a PRIVATE WATER PARK.

X17 Online

For real. Celine Dion has her own private water park.

X17 Online

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a LAZY RIVER.

X17 Online

And this is a real, actual picture of Celine Dion in her private lazy river.

There are WATER SLIDES (and bridges).

X17 Online

WATER. SLIDES. (and bridges).

Plus the ocean is right there too, which is like its own other thing.

X17 Online

She has couches in water with clear tables.

There's a ~totally random~ random pool next to the ocean.

And because I know you wanted it, here's an aerial view courtesy of Google Earth.

To wrap things up, this is the view Celine sees when she surveys her private water park in the day.

And this is the view Celine sees when she surveys her private water park at night.

When asked about why she made her own water park, Celine spoke like a true legend:


Well said, Queen. Now please invite me over before you sell it. <3

To see more images of Celine Dion, check out And one more thing, an earlier version of this article had Celine's mansion valued at $20 million. That wasn't true. It's on sale for $72 million!!

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