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Definitive Proof That Everything Is Better With "Mean Girls"

"Mean Girls" >>>> everything.

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Paula Deen:

This woman cradling a giant squash and her dog:

"Mad Men":

Street preachers:

Priests and cardinals at the Vatican:

Franco Origlia / Getty Images

Les Miserables:


Kanye West:

A bottle of ketchup:

"Breaking Bad":

The President:

Joe Biden:

Hillary Clinton:

Harry Potter:


Taco Bell's Twitter account:

A dog in a golf cart:

The 2012 Olympic Gymnastics Team champions:

Beyonce and Rihanna:

Two rocks:

Guinea pigs nibbling on a carrot:

3 avocados:

Disney princesses:

3 bunnies in a pink toy car:

Britney Spears in a tiny car:

And a camel sticking his head out of a car:

"Fight Club":

Ryan Seacrest circa 2003:

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

A hoarder's house:

And this really fat cat on a "diet":

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