28 Totally Random Things Everyone Over 25 Hasn't Thought About In Years

    I honestly completely forgot about the Comedy Central logo.

    The following is just a completely and totally random list of things that I completely forgot about from the '90s and early 2000s.

    1. N64s at McDonald's

    2. The old Comedy Central logo.

    3. Berry Berry Kix.

    4. Cootie.

    5. Burger King's collectable Disney cups.

    6. Vienetta.

    7. A Kit Kat with foil.

    8. The Cherry Coke logo.

    9. Gold caffeine free Diet Pepsi cans.

    10. Ringtone commercials.

    11. The AOL home screen.

    12. AOL chat room listings.

    13. Airplane phones.

    14. A couch with this pattern.

    15. A Bumble Ball.

    16. A balloon lamp.

    17. Doctor Dreadful.

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    18. Goose kitchen.

    19. CD kiosks.

    20. CD visors.

    21. The original Cartoon Network logo.

    22. The original Weather Channel.

    23. School bus windows.

    24. This sandbox.

    25. These toy vacuums.

    26. The "turn off" Windows screen.

    27. This magic paper thing.

    28. And this version of "3 Little Pigs."

    H/t to R/Nostalgia for most of these.