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    18 "Secret Menu" Starbucks Holiday Drinks You Need To Try

    Your world is about to be rocked. ROCKED.

    Barista Life is an online community for baristas (duh) that is both an Instagram account and a website. Recently, they asked their followers what their favorite Starbucks holiday creations were because, as they put it, “Baristas know how to combine syrups to make the tastiest drinks out there.”

    Troy Lendman, a former barista and founder of the group, helped compile this list with very specific instructions on how to get each drink. Happy hunting!

    NOTE: All of these instructions are for *grande* drinks.


    How to order: "For a Christmas twist for a generic hot chocolate, ask your barista to substitute the vanilla syrup usually included in a standard hot chocolate with gingerbread syrup. You won’t be disappointed."

    Submitted by danceeatlove.


    How to order: "The flat white is made with whole milk, ristretto shots, and thick, velvety foam. By adding toffee nut you are enhancing it with the spirit of Christmas. Simply order a 'flat white with a pump or two of toffee nut.'"

    Submitted by vodka_riot.


    How to order: "Depending on how sweet you want it, ask for 'a Chestnut Praline Latte with one to four pumps of mocha.' (You may be charged extra for the pumps of mocha.) This drink tastes like a chocolatey bowl of Lucky Charms."

    Submitted by bblack_0107.


    How to order: "You can order this drink just how I called it: 'eggnog latte with cinnamon dolce, whipped cream and chestnut praline topping.' It’s on the sweeter side, and you will be charged for the cinnamon dolce syrup, but it’s totally worth it. Literally Christmas in a cup!"

    Submitted by jonkaan_.


    How to order: "The gingerbread syrup compliments the eggnog flavor superbly. For a grande, you’d normally receive four pumps of gingerbread, so depending on how sweet you want it, ask for one to four pumps of gingerbread syrup to add to your eggnog latte!"

    Submitted by audreyruth716.


    How to order: "This is an actual beverage on the Starbucks menu already, so you can order it as a 'Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha,' and they will know what you’re talking about!"

    Submitted by honeybadger2k14.


    How to order: "To make a Christmas drink even more Christmasy, ask your barista to make it with eggnog instead of the standard 2% milk. You will be charged a bit extra for the eggnog, but trust me, it’s worth it. You can also ask your barista for less pumps of syrup, as the eggnog makes the drink sweeter."

    Submitted by tamalar_.


    How to order: "To spice up the standard hot chocolate, ask your barista for a hot chocolate with cinnamon dolce syrup instead of vanilla."

    Submitted by alexanderthegre4t.


    How to order: "The caramel apple spice as it comes is already a perfect drink for a cold winter night. However, we have to take advantage of the holiday syrups while they’re here! Ask your barista for a Caramel Apple Spice with gingerbread instead of the standard cinnamon dolce syrup and you will not be disappointed."

    Submitted by breezymicjr.


    How to order: "A fairly unknown drink is the iced Starbucks doubleshot. It's made with shots of espresso that are poured over ice and shaken, then topped off with milk. Usually the drink is sweetened with classic syrup and topped off with 2% milk. For a holiday version, ask your barista to make it with chestnut praline sweetener and a splash of eggnog. Trust me, it’s amazing."

    Submitted by browneyed_barista.


    How to order: "Iced coffee is usually sweetened with four pumps of classic sweetener and 2% milk. For a holiday twist, ask your barista to sweeten it with chestnut praline syrup and a splash of eggnog instead of the milk or creamer. The chestnut praline syrup smells exactly like Lucky Charms, so you’re bound to love it."

    Submitted by jainachristian.


    How to order: "Simply ask your barista for a grande chai tea latte with gingerbread. If you want a creamier drink, ask them to make it with soy or almond milk. The gingerbread and chai flavors complement each other very nicely! Perfect for a cold winter day."

    Submitted by theladytwells.


    How to order: "By asking your barista to substitute the vanilla for caramel brûlée, you get a familiar beverage with a holiday twist! FYI, you may be charged for the caramel brûlée."

    Submitted by gabriella.hinkerbell.


    How to order: "By making the salted caramel mocha with eggnog instead of 2% milk, you get a more Christmasy, creamy version of an already delicious beverage. Ask your barista for half the pumps if you don’t like it very sweet because the eggnog is sweeter than regular milk!"

    Submitted by tamalar_.


    How to order: "Order an iced white chocolate mocha with chestnut praline syrup. Ordering with soy milk will enhance the flavors of the syrup, making it tastier!"

    Submitted by sssinkorswim.


    How to order: "A standard grande mocha is made with steamed 2% milk, two shots of espresso, four pumps of mocha (chocolate), and whipped cream. By adding gingerbread, you can spice up your standard mocha with a bit of Christmas spirit!"

    Submitted by kayla_clark.


    How to order: "One grande Chestnut Praline Latte with two pumps of chestnut praline and two pumps of white mocha. Disclaimer: You may be charged extra for adding the white mocha sauce."

    Submitted by joswole14.


    How to order: "Cold-brewed iced coffee does not come standard with any sweetener, so to order this drink simply ask your barista for 'one grande cold-brewed iced coffee with eggnog instead of cream or milk.'”

    Submitted by joswole14.

    Make sure you follow Barista Life on Instagram for a chance to see what it's like ~ behind the counter~. Thanks again to Troy Lendman and the barista community for all of their barista knowledge!