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This Is What 35 Years Old Looks Like On Different Celebrities Throughout Time, Because Apparently 35 Is "Old" Now

Because let's be real: Most people are "still looking great" at 35.

Two photos of Hilary Duff are going viral on Twitter.

Hilary smiling

The pictures are captioned, "Hilary Duff still looking great at age 35," which, like, makes her seem like old Rose on Titanic.

@DailyLoud Why do you say that like 35 is some super old age ?

Twitter: @ClassicFresca

Thirty-five isn't old (lol), so let's look at what 35 has looked like on 70 celebrities through time.

1. Brigitte Bardot at 35:

Brigitte in loose pants and a shiny bra top

2. Meryl Streep at 35:

Meryl with long hair in a print top

3. Keanu Reeves at 35:

Reeves looking caught off guard

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger at 35:

Arnold in a short-sleeved shirt holding a pipe

5. Cher at 35:

Cher with big hair

6. Betty White at 35:

Betty winking with arms folded

7. Nicolas Cage at 35:

Nicolas in a suit and tie

8. Julie Andrews at 35:

Julie in a boat-neck top

9. Paul Rudd at 35:

Paul smiling and wearing a "Bush is over" T-shirt

10. Harrison Ford at 35:

Harrison pointing

11. Brad Pitt at 35:

Brad in a suit and tie

12. Prince William at 35:

William giving a thumbs-up

13. Clint Eastwood at 35:

Clint hugging a tree

14. Prince Harry at 35:

Harry in a suit, no tie

15. Tom Cruise at 35:

Tom in a bow tie and smiling

16. Kim Kardashian at 35:

Kim with Ye

17. Oprah at 35:

Oprah with big hair

18. Dolly Parton at 35:

Dolly with big hair and long nails

19. Anjelica Huston at 35:

Angelica with shoulder pads

20. Cameron Diaz at 35:

Cameron with dark hair

21. Elton John at 35:

Elton in a velvet jacket

22. Jack Nicholson at 35:

Jack with a thin mustache

23. Suzanne Somers at 35:

Suzanne in a bodysuit

24. Kim Cattrall at 35:

Kim on the red carpet in a short skirt and cowboy boots

25. Helen Mirren at 35:

Helen with long curly hair and holding a drink glass

26. Sophia Loren at 35:

Sophia with big eyelashes

27. Bill Gates at 35:

Bill with bangs leaning on a tree

28. Elon Musk at 35:

Elon in a suit sitting sideways in the front seat of a car with the door open

29. Jeff Bezos at 35:

Jeff holding a hand tool and sitting with his legs crossed

30. Martin Scorsese at 35:

Martin in a jacket and tie and smiling

31. Liza Minnelli at 35:

Liza with big eyelashes

32. Gene Hackman at 35:

Gene in a short-sleeved T-shirt

33. Robert Duvall at 35:

Robert in a suit and tie and holding a phone

34. Sir Ian McKellen at 35:

Ian exercising

35. Chuck Norris at 35:

Chuck with his family

36. Barbra Streisand at 35:

Barbra walking down the stairs holding awards

37. Al Pacino at 35:

Close-up of Al Pacino bare-chested

38. Shakira at 35:

Shakira with long hair and a midriff-baring tank top

39. Denzel Washington at 35:

Denzel in a leather jacket

40. Julia Louis-Dreyfus at 35:

Julia kissing an award

41. Dame Maggie Smith at 35:

Maggie wearing a fur coat

42. Dame Judi Dench at 35:

Judi in a turtleneck sweater with a dog in her lap

43. Donald Trump at 35:

Donald in a bow tie

44. William Shatner at 35:

William as Captain Kirk

45. Ozzy Osbourne at 35:

Ozzy with short hair and eye makeup and smoking a cigarette

46. Courteney Cox at 35:

Courteney with other Friends cast members

47. Jamie Lee Curtis at 35:

48. Goldie Hawn at 35:

Goldie with big hair

49. Lenny Kravitz at 35:

Lennie holding a guitar and standing with Bill Clinton

50. Bruce Springsteen at 35:

Bruce wearing a bandana and a jean jacket

51. Jennifer Lopez at 35:

JLo in high heels, cropped pants, and midriff-baring top

52. Sandra Bullock at 35:

Sandra with Matthew McConaughey

53. Carly Simon at 35:

Carly smiling with long hair and a short dress

54. Mick Jagger at 35:

Mick with a bow tie and wearing a hat

55. John Travolta at 35:

Travolta holding hands with Kirstie Alley

56. Catherine O'Hara at 35:

Catherine smiling

57. Sarah Jessica Parker at 35:

Sarah with other Sex and the City costars

58. Jennifer Aniston at 35:

Jennifer holding hands with Brad Pitt

59. Jason Momoa at 35:

Jason with Lisa Bonet

60. Cloris Leachman at 35:

Cloris sitting in a flowing dress

61. Marilyn Monroe at 35:

Marilyn walking with several men

62. Tony Bennett at 35:

Tony wearing a coat

63. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at 35:

Dwayne on the red carpet in a suit, no tie

64. Nicole Kidman at 35:

Nicole waving and wearing a shiny jacket

65. Madonna at 35:

Madonna wearing pigtails and holding a bottle of water

66. Pharrell Williams at 35:

Pharrell in a bow tie

67. Britney Spears at 35:

Britney with long hair

68. Angela Lansbury at 35:

69. Blake Lively at 35:

Blake with Ryan Reynolds

70. And last but not least, Tom Hanks at 35:

Tom with Rita Wilson