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    Spotify Told Everyone They Belong In Three Random Cities, And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

    I guess I'm dying alone in Provo!

    Happy Spotify Wrapped Day to all who celebrate!

    older woman sitting on a couch and holding up a pride flag

    This year, Spotify rolled out a feature called "Sound Towns" which tells you what city aligns most with your music taste.

    It seems like three cities are the most popular.

    aerial view of a town with mountains behind it

    The first place is Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Spotify/ Twitter: @Blitheringmikey

    This seems to be like District 1 for gay people.

    Spotify/Twitter: @folklorewlw

    The second is Berkeley, California.

    Spotify/Twitter: @taurusapoiogist

    Also very gay.

    Spotify/Twitter: @warpingwood

    And last but not least, the one I've been seeing the most is Burlington, Vermont.

    Spotify/Twitter: @loveistobeknown

    Which, like, ok, come on, that's random...

    Spotify/Twitter: @roryisconfused

    As someone not in the Big Three, I have to feels lonely in Provo!!

    woman sulking at a table marked provo, utah with two people marked burlington and cambridge high-five in the background

    And that seems to be the sentiment!

    This person got stuck in Eugene.

    Spotify/Twitter: @layoama

    This person wondered why they were put in College Station.

    Spotify/Lifetime/Twitter: @sophieschroeds

    And this person felt banished in Madison.

    Spotify/Twitter: @audreylvieira

    My entire timeline is full of jokes about Cambridge, Berkeley, and Burlington, so because I think they're pretty funny, here are some of my favorites...

    Twitter: @brokebackstan

    Twitter: @swainsch

    Twitter: @ali_sivi

    Twitter: @alex_abads

    Twitter: @peterczyy

    Spotify/Twitter: @famefudger

    Twitter: @smysko

    Twitter: @williamvhand_

    Twitter: @jenna_leahy

    Twitter: @emhstnd

    Spotify/Twitter: @michaelaidan

    Spotify/Twitter: @lofitidepod

    Spotify/Twitter: @jedwardmariano

    And lastly...

    Nickelodeon/ Twitter: @jennyypierre