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    19 Islands You Can Buy For Less Than A College Degree

    A piece of paper or a private island. Your choice!

    DID YOU KNOW the price for one year at a private university in the U.S. is about $34,000 nowadays? Multiply that number by four and you get $136,000. That's $136,000 for a degree from a private university.

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    Do you know what you can buy for ALL OF THAT money?! Yes, A DANG ISLAND.

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    So, here's a list of islands you can buy for the cost of your psychology degree.

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    1. Jones Island, Canada, $148,604

    From the listing: "This island is actually 3 separate islands connected by a beach and rock dunes."

    2. Echo Island, Canada, $125,000

    From the listing: "This island has a small cabin located on it that is wired for electricity. There are panoramic views of the lake. Truly a slice of paradise that will be yours to revel in."

    3. Leader Island, Canada, $125,841

    From the listing: "Leader Island is a little undeveloped gem of approximately 11 acres, with its own cove."

    4. Loon Island, Wisconsin, USA, $149,000

    From the listing: "Loon island is surrounded by fantastic swimming frontage and offers fantastic views from every point. Cabin is in need of some TLC but would be a good starting point for someone looking island tranquility."

    5. Lake Nipissing Island C-905, Canada, $151,902

    From the listing: "This 1.25-acre island at the northwest end of Lake Nipissing comes with a renovated, insulated, and cozy three bedroom cottage. The cottage sits on a beautiful rocky outcrop and comes fully furnished."

    6. Inishbigger Island, Ireland, $80,121

    From the listing: " Approximately 200 meters from the mainland, it is fordable at low tide (that means you can walk to it)."

    7. Hangover Island, Florida, USA, $120,000

    From the listing: "Crystal River is home of the world's largest Manatee sanctuary; all the local waterways have manatee. They migrate right past Hangover Island."

    8. Isla Esmeralda, Mexico, $145,000

    From the listing: "This gorgeous half-island located only a 3.5 hour drive from the Texan border would be an ideal spot for a personal vacation home."

    9. La Cornelia Island, Nicaragua, $90,000

    From the listing: "This beautiful island which is part of Las Isletas de Granada in Granada, Nicaragua is endowed with numerous palm trees and mango trees as well as other fruits trees. Electricity is already sourced to the island. Although the land is undeveloped, development is allowed if the new owner so desires."

    10. Berrien Springs Island, Michigan, USA, $125,000

    From the listing: "There are two cabins on the island, one which is fully move in ready and the second which is 75% finished. The completed cabin is self sufficient with solar power and generator, running water, electric baseboard heating, open floor plan, new carpet, shed, swing set, gazebo, and surveillance system."

    11. Sweet Island, Canada, $72,900

    From the listing: "Sweet Island has a high elevation with no cliffs, many Pine and Aspen trees, an old house (in disrepair but the foundation is good) and a half acre cleared for a garden."

    12. Little Rocky Island, Canada, $74,840

    From the listing: "Little Rocky Island is home to a picturesque natural beach. The eastern point of the island lends itself perfectly to construction, offering the perfect location for a quaint island cottage with unhindered views of the Atlantic Ocean below."

    13. Hollpoint Island, Canada, $49,658

    From the listing: "Bedecked with an array of coves and natural beaches which give way to dense woodland, this island for sale forms the perfect retreat for nature lovers and fans of the quiet life at the Atlantic coast. At low-tide, the island is connected to a nearby mainland peninsula."

    14. Whispering Trees Island, Canada, $38,101

    From the listing: "Whispering Trees is located on Wentworth Lake, a four to five kilometer long lake with pristine water in Digby County. It offers mixed forest, bays and beaches."

    15. Forbes Island, Canada, $57,265

    From the listing: "Forbes Island is a beautifully wooded private island, tucked away in Mushpauk Lake. Despite being situated deep in the midst of unspoiled nature, the island promises excellent accessibility and a closer than expected proximity to the conveniences and amenities of civilization. "

    16. Round Lake, Canada, $59,556

    From the listing: "The 100 acre Round Island can be found in the waters of Lac d’en Bas, a petite, picturesque lake located close to the south-west coast of Nova Scotia."

    17. Naomi Island, New York, USA, $99,000

    From the listing: "This nicely wooded island with some clear areas in the Hudson River region lies halfway between New York City and Albany. The island can be easily reached by boat from the banks of the mainland. Old camp facilities still exist but would need to be replaced."

    18. Krotterroy Island, Norway, $91,316

    From the listing: "This coastal island is located within the charming rural surroundings of the Norwegian coast. Apart from spring tide, the island could be accessed by foot via neighboring lands."

    19. Mannion Island, Ireland, $161,145

    From the listing: "The island is home to a natural spring, and fertile land (covering approximately 60% of the island’s surface area). Towards the east of the island, Mannion boasts a sheltered cove allowing for all-year-access."