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    19 Islands You Can Buy For Less Than A College Degree

    A piece of paper or a private island. Your choice!

    DID YOU KNOW the price for one year at a private university in the U.S. is about $34,000 nowadays? Multiply that number by four and you get $136,000. That's $136,000 for a degree from a private university.

    Do you know what you can buy for ALL OF THAT money?! Yes, A DANG ISLAND.

    So, here's a list of islands you can buy for the cost of your psychology degree.

    1. Jones Island, Canada, $148,604

    2. Echo Island, Canada, $125,000

    3. Leader Island, Canada, $125,841

    4. Loon Island, Wisconsin, USA, $149,000

    5. Lake Nipissing Island C-905, Canada, $151,902

    From the listing: "This 1.25-acre island at the northwest end of Lake Nipissing comes with a renovated, insulated, and cozy three bedroom cottage. The cottage sits on a beautiful rocky outcrop and comes fully furnished."

    6. Inishbigger Island, Ireland, $80,121

    7. Hangover Island, Florida, USA, $120,000

    8. Isla Esmeralda, Mexico, $145,000

    9. La Cornelia Island, Nicaragua, $90,000

    10. Berrien Springs Island, Michigan, USA, $125,000

    11. Sweet Island, Canada, $72,900

    12. Little Rocky Island, Canada, $74,840

    13. Hollpoint Island, Canada, $49,658

    14. Whispering Trees Island, Canada, $38,101

    15. Forbes Island, Canada, $57,265

    16. Round Lake, Canada, $59,556

    17. Naomi Island, New York, USA, $99,000

    18. Krotterroy Island, Norway, $91,316

    19. Mannion Island, Ireland, $161,145