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Everyone Is Talking About The Cold, But These 35 Surreal Pictures Of The Blizzard In Buffalo Are Truly Terrifying

"It's absolute mayhem."

Just last month, some places in Buffalo received over 6 feet of snow (!!!!!).

What 6’ of snow looks like #BuffaloNY #buffalosnow #buffalolakeeffect #Buffalo #LakeEffectSnow #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @weather_buffalo

Those pictures were truly surreal.

Right down the road from the stadium & still projected 36 more inches in the next 24 hours. Maybe it wise to push the game ? #GoBills #BillsMafia #Snowmageddon #BuffaloStorm2022 #beon2 @WGRZ

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1. And now they're experiencing a blizzard that AccuWeather says could be the worst in the city's history.

"In Buffalo, this storm will likely at least jump near the top of the list of worst blizzards in the city’s history, if not even becoming the worst," AccuWeather Meteorologist Jake Sojda said. https://t.co/HhWQvhgRks


The New York Times is calling it western New York's worst storm in decades.

2. Winds are over 70 miles per hour...

Wind gusts have hit 71 MPH at the Buffalo Airport, according to @mikecejka4 Mike says that's higher than the biggest gust during the Blizzard of '77 @news4buffalo

Twitter: @4KelseyAnderson

3. ...which makes it like a snow hurricane.

Lackawanna hit 79 mph wind gust!!!! That is hurricane-force winds. Cat 1 hurricane winds start at 74 mph! @news4buffalo #nywx #buffaloblizzard @weatherchannel

Twitter: @wx_MikeDoyle

4. It's like a scene out of Day After Tomorrow.

My goodness... the wind, the blowing snow ❄️ Here's the look right outside @news4buffalo in North Buffalo. Please be safe and stay inside.

Twitter: @JeffPrevalTV

5. People are opening their doors to find a literal wall of snow.

#BSC #BuffaloStorm2022 #BuffaloNY #Buffalo #snowstorm #blizzard #Christmas #stop #blizzard2022 #LakeEffect @WGRZ #wkbw .#wobble

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6. Cars are abandoned all over the place.

Current view on Werhle Dr. from one of our Concord trucks who are out assisting our Harlem District. Please stay off of the roads, as there is still a driving ban countywide! Stranded vehicles make these terrible conditions even more difficult for our crews!

Twitter: @ErieCountyDPW

7. Windows are blocked by snow.

Just having a quick look out the window to see how the snow is doing. Oh... #BuffaloBlizzard

Twitter: @EleanorBancroft

8. People are shoveling out their living rooms.

My cousin’s locked door blew open, so she’s currently shoveling out her living room.

Twitter: @4KelseyAnderson

9. This person had to shovel out their hallway.

Our Christmas gift from our upstairs neighbor was getting to shovel the indoor entry way because she had forgotten to lock the outside door before leaving for Holiday ❤️❤️ #tistheseason #snowplacelikebuffalo #buffaloblizzard

Twitter: @rileymn15

10. Houses are plastered in windblown snow.

Snow blown up over 1/2 my front door! Had to dig out the back to let the dog out. Worst storm I’ve ever experienced, except for the blizzard of 1977 (Buffalo NY)

Twitter: @DeaD_NY

11. They're literally caked in snow.

Twitter: @SarhElizabeth34

12. It's "mayhem."

Day 2 and the mayhem continues. We have very large snow drifts outside the station. Everyone stay warm and stay home. #NYwx #buffaloblizzard #blizzard2022 @news4buffalo https://t.co/wxWspgTqYD

Twitter: @wx_MikeDoyle

13. They're calling this storm the "worst in the city's history."

Snowed in for Christmas. The Buffalo Blizzard of ‘22 has been a wild ride. Windchills well below zero, heavy lake effect snow, & gusts over 70 mph. I’ve never seen anything like this. Officials say it’s likely the worst storm in the city’s history. Lucky to still have power.🙏🏻 https://t.co/f6ylnwNNYr

Twitter: @HaydenWDRB

14. This person has lived in the area for 40 years, and this one "takes the cake."

Lived in WNY for over 40 years and been through some truly awful storms. This one takes the cake. #BuffaloNY #buffaloblizzard @WGRZ @WKBW @weatherchannel @accuweather https://t.co/2uVjsfiZcH

Twitter: @szabo_jon

15. Not to mention, it feels like minus-30 degrees.

Now that is a nasty wind chill!!! #nywx #BuffaloBlizzard #blizzard2022

Twitter: @wx_MikeDoyle

16. It's "life or death."

Pray 🙏🏿 for Buffalo Ny this ❄️ Snow storm is literally life or death (police and ambulance can’t get to the streets a lot of people have no lights and gas for 24hrs now ) 📸 @sillybitchesllc

@sillybitchesllc / Via Twitter: @DJBANDANABLACK

17. You literally can't see in front of you.

The #buffaloblizzard is crazy! Had to take a short walk yesterday to get some things from my house and we could barely see in front of us. 🥶

Twitter: @MsKuitems

18. The snowdrifts are creating surreal scenes.

Look at the weird drifts happening with the snow. It's like the wind is sculpting it into some frigid arctic landscape. #buffaloblizzard #BuffaloStorm2022 #BuffaloBlizzard2022 #BuffaloNY #buffalostorm

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19. This person called it "snowdrift artwork."

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20. I don't even understand what happened to this person's bushes, but it's wild.

before and after of my neighbors house, looks like their bushes arent making it #buffalony #buffaloblizzard 🫣

Twitter: @ShelBailes11

21. I mean, just look at this 10-foot drift.

Yes that is a 10’ drift. #Buffalo

Twitter: @oldsman79

22. It's as tall as this man.

Now that the heart of the lake effect band has shifted north of the area a bit and visibilities have improved to a whopping 1/8th of a mile, we can finally get a better look at some snow drifts outside the office. For reference, our Observation Program Leader is 6ft tall.


23. Windows are covered.

#snowdrifts up to our windows in #Buffalo #buffaloblizzard #BuffaloNY

Twitter: @MarkZuccaro

24. Doors are blocked.

Folks, this doesn’t happen in the north towns! Crazy blowing and drifting snow. #BuffaloNY #BuffaloBlizzard2022 #buffaloblizzard

Twitter: @EmersonBrianJ

25. And cars? Yeah, they're buried.

Ventured out to take Lily out this morning. Some drifts are above cars. Real Day After Tomorrow vibes #buffaloblizzard

Twitter: @ellieblount

26. Trees are down.

Tree down and frozen doors on the West Side of Buffalo @WGRZ

Twitter: @LaurenHall

27. This gas station toppled over.

welcome to #BuffaloNY hold onto your butts #buffaloblizzard #effingsnow

Twitter: @benhanashinta

28. This view out of a fire truck is just unreal.

DO NOT DRIVE! The visibility is awful and first responders keep getting called out in dangerous conditions to rescue people who are stranded. This is the view from a Getzville fire truck. @wgrz

Twitter: @HeatherLyWGRZ

29. And not to mention, people close to the lake are dealing with flooding.

This is down at the waterfront. It’s from YESTERDAY — the flooding and wind is real down here. It’s no joke when you’re so close to the lake. #BuffaloBlizzard https://t.co/ostTMLAlS9

Twitter: @kristen_mirand

30. And it's not over yet.

We are not anywhere near done with this storm. We are expecting snow and winds to continue throughout the day, but enough light and reduced winds to get crews and first responders back up and running.

Twitter: @markpoloncarz

31. Still, through it all, Bills fans are taking it in stride.

Twitter: @natalieekeene

32. "Whoever sang 'Let It Snow' should buy a lottery ticket," this person said.

This is Buffalo this morning. Biggest storm snow I ever recall... Whoever sang "Let it Snow" should buy a lottery ticket. #buffaloblizzard #BuffaloBlizzard2022 #thebuffalonews

Twitter: @BuffaloPurcell

33. They might have won the fight, but they won't win the war.

Driveway somewhat cleared, but not without a battle. #BuffaloBlizzard

Twitter: @ryantaughrin

34. Obligatory: "Go Bills!"

HEY EY EY EY EY LET'S GO BUFFALO LET'S GO BUFFALO The Bills make me want to SHOUT #BillsMafia    #BuffaloBlizzard #blizzard2022

Twitter: @BillsDevilDog

35. But really, this isn't a joke. It's quite literally "one of the worst events we've ever seen."

Thank you to all of the first responders and law enforcement, public works crews, and hospital staff who have been working for over 24 hours. Thank you for all of the hard work in one of the worst events we've ever seen.

Twitter: @markpoloncarz