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Britney Spears Posted A Rare Picture With Her Boys, And 1) They're Huge Now And 2) Nothing Makes Me Happier Than This

I feel ancient.

If there's one thing you need to know about Britney Spears — besides the fact that she has been in a conservatorship for over 13 years* — you should know that she absolutely, positively is obsessed with being a mom.

If you're a Britney fan, then you know nothing makes Britney happier than being with her boys.

She's obsessed with them, it defines her. Her two boys are her greatest and proudest achievement.


Just for some background, Britney's boys' names are Jayden and Preston*. They were born in 2005 and 2006.

We've grown up with them!

Britney smiling and holding one of her sons as a baby, who looks adorable in his khaki shorts and baseball cap turned to the side

Over the years, we got glimpses into their lives, like this gloriously awkward Lion King cast photo:

Britney smiling awkwardly as she and her sons pose with the cast

These adorable Dodgers game pics:

Britney leaning down to pose with her sons who are wearing Dodgers jerseys and baseball caps

So cute!

And this super cute Smurfs 2 red carpet appearance:

Notice how Preston is totally mimicking his mom's expression:

Preston and Britney are both smiling super widely as they and Jayden hold hands on the red carpet

Over the years, we've watched the boys grow up on Instagram...

...but, because this is how time works, the boys aren't little kids anymore.

They're teens and have all but disappeared from Britney's Instagram.

Until now.

Britney posted a rare picture of the boys on her account:

They're legit grown human beings, taller than mom!

And the caption has me 🥲

So yeah, at the end of the day and all the shit Britney has to deal with, it's nice to see her with her pride and joy.

Her smile says it all.

Britney smiles with her face mask down as she poses with her sons