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    22 Teeny Tiny Little Things That Were Sooo Damn Important To Millennials

    Ah yes, the olden days.

    1. Your font on AIM.

    2. Novelty spoons.

    3. Limited edition cups.

    4. Book fair day.

    5. The 80-minute limit on a mix CD.

    6. Mechanical pencils (because they were cool).

    Office Depot

    7. Spelling everything correctly on your burned CDs because permanent marker did not, obviously duh, come off.

    8. Turning to the TV Guide Channel right when it was reseting and starting at the first channel.

    9. "Direct connecting" on AIM because that was the only way to send pictures to someone.


    10. Hating RealPlayer (because it never worked).


    11. Finding a perfect, flaw-free (with no radio call-out or static) song on Limewire.

    12. When Kazaa, Limewire, Soulseek etc. started shutting down and you had to find other places to download illegal mp3s.


    13. The download speed of your illegal mp3 downloads.

    14. The amount of space left on your memory card in your digital camera.

    15. Your AIM profile theme.

    16. Tiny erasers and stuff like this at the school store:

    17. Finding a payphone after school or at the mall or something and calling Collect.


    18. When Disney Channel had free preview weekends because it wasn't included with basic cable until like the early 2000s.

    19. When you got caller ID and could finally monitor all of your calls.

    20. Pokemon cards, like opening a pack and there being a holographic one.

    21. When the Macy's or FAO Schwartz catalogs would come in around the holidays.

    22. And new releases at Blockbuster.

    Never forget.

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