You Are About To Fall Deeply In Love With Dutchess The Blind Therapy Dog

    Oh Mylanta. I can't even handle you, Dutchess!

    4 things you need to know about her:

    1. She's a therapy dog who works with individuals with autism. According to her website, "In some cases Dutchess visits classrooms and becomes part of a child's reading class, assisting with speech goals or other academic endeavors. In other cases, she serves as a positive, calming element, soaking up the attention—and treats—that people give her, helping them ground their static energy and stress."

    2. She's blind, but that really doesn't bother her too much.

    3. Dutchess loves to play catch. She uses her awesome sense of smell to track down the ball.

    4. Her smile will KILL YOU.

    See below:

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