The Ultimate 2012 Bonnaroo Fashion Guide

Fab or drab? I break down this year’s hottest fashions at one of music’s biggest festivals.

1. Fab: Wilson’s hat.

So cute! It’s a look we’ve never seen him in before.

2. Drab: Man with a tiny hat.

The hat could be tinier.

3. Fab: Unusual cardboard hat lady.

Very geometrical. That’s in.

4. Drab: This woman.


5. Fab: This man.

“Get Wild” stickers are big in Europe.

6. Drab: Umbrella mustache dude.

Look at your life, look at your choices!

7. Fab: Old man in a skirt.

LOVE the floral prints. Mega fab.

8. Drab: American flag jorts.

Never gonna happen. Good try though!

9. Fab: Gumby

Is he ever not flawless?!

10. Drab: Fairy wing nymphs.

Just way too typical. More originality please.

11. Fab: Hippy Amish donut worker lady.

So unconventional. Daring!

12. Drab: Ass cape man.

Cape is too small. It’s just not working for me. Great ass though.

13. Fab: Woman in black.

The red umbrella is both practical AND stylish. Love!

14. Drab: Man in black.

IT WAS 90 DEGREES. So drab! Hoods are a huge no!

15. Fab: Old man wearing a totally cool frog t-shirt.


16. Drab: Douchey dubstep shirt.

Also self-explanatory.

17. Fab: Man in a purple dress.

LOVE his plunging neckline!

18. Drab: ?????

The belt and underwear and cowboy hat. What am I looking at?! So busy.

19. Fab: Old lady beer tent worker.

You can never go wrong with cats!

20. Mega drab: Anyone with a headress.

: (

21. Fab: Old man with a cane.

LOVE. THIS. LOOK. Just because.

22. Drab: Bros in banana hammocks.

Unless you’re packing, don’t even bother.

23. Fab: Kenny Rogers and Ben Folds

They just look good together.

24. Drab: Tighty whities.

Just not doing it for me.

25. Drab: What is happening here.


26. Fab: Yellow lab shirt with matching straw hat.

Totally cute. The heart on the hat totally makes this work!

27. Drab: Mesh umbrellas.

They don’t even work!

28. Fab: Skrillex Millhouse.

Too true.

29. Fab: Man riding a dinosar.

Because it looks like he’s riding a dinosaur.

30. Fab: Molly the dog’s collar.

Green is the new black or something.

31. Drab: Man with a 2 rat tails.

It’s just too “matchy” for me. The second rat tail is excessive.

32. Frab: Raver hippy girls.

Kind of fab, kind of drab. Might be big in a few years.

33. Fab: This guy’s pole.

So unexpected. Such craftsmanship.

34. Drab: Super plant man.

Plant accessories haven’t been in since ‘06.

35. Fab: The world’s greatest mother fucker.

That shirt is hard to pull off, but this man totally does it!

36. Drab: Overalls.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

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