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I Thought She Was Lying, But Blake Lively Actually Matches The Met Gala Red Carpet Every Year

Now this is some attention to detail.

Blake Lively is frustratingly perfect.

Blake posing on the Met Gala red carpet in 2022

Beautiful gowns.

Stunning detail.

Her dress is unfurled to reveal more detail in the train

Like, she was one of three people who actually followed the "gilded glamour" Met Gala theme.

I could barely even critique her alone on my couch covered in crumbs!

But there was one thing Blake revealed in her most recent Vogue interview that made me go, "OK, that's a lot, c'mon now."

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She matches the carpet every year.

"It's just a crazy thing where I match the carpet every year," she says.

"This year, because I'm hosting, I went to Anna and said 'there's a lot of pressure, I really need to match the carpet.'"

Sooo, because I'm nosy, I decided to look into this and see if Blake *actually* matches the carpet every year.

An old woman looks at a computer through a magnifying glass

So, just FYI, Blake has been to the Met Gala pretty much more than anyone.

She's been going since 2008.

A younger Blake with Penn Badgley at the Met Gala

Up until 2016, the Met Gala carpet was a traditional red.

Blake and husband Ryan Reynolds at the Met Gala

But since 2016, the carpet changes colors every year, and yes, my research has confirmed that Blake Lively has matched it ever since.

In 2016, Blake wore this pink and red gown.

Blake wears a long pink dress embroidered with red roses

It perfectly matched the carpet.

In 2017, she wore blue and gold.

Exactly the same colors of the carpet.

The carpet shares a nearly identical shade of blue as the bottom of Blake's dress

In 2018, it was more golds and reds.

And what do you know? The carpet was gold and red.

Which brings us to her most recent Met Gala.

Blake's dress from the beginning of the post, which is gold and red with a white bottom layer

Oops... she did it again!

So yeah, Blake does match the carpet every year. She really is that perfect.