Just About Everyone Who Lives In New York Will Be Incredibly Jealous Of Blake Lively's NYC Apartment Bedroom

    At least she's *trying* to be relatable with that unmade bed.

    The NYC real estate market is one of the best in the country!

    This is an actual NYC apartment listing I just saw. Yes, that’s the whole place. pic.twitter.com/vYVuav44hp

    — onagapnotsew (@westonpagano) October 5, 2021
    Twitter: @westonpagano

    We're talking gorgeous kitchens.

    Stumbled upon a gem of an NYC apartment listing tonight pic.twitter.com/x3cCZnmXmb

    — Jonah Rappaport (@j_rappaport) July 1, 2020
    Twitter: @j_rappaport

    Lovely backyard spaces.

    When the NYC apartment listing says outdoor space included: pic.twitter.com/nknWDBd7Jy

    — Andrew 🐀 (@ajcannizzaro) May 28, 2022
    Twitter: @ajcannizzaro

    And unforgettable bathrooms.

    NYC apartment hunting... do you turn the shower on with those knobs next to the diagonal toilet..?? pic.twitter.com/1mGAtM7VLa

    — michael shillingburg (@shillingburger) May 21, 2016
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    It's just like the TV show Friends.

    Screenshot from "Friends"

    I'm obviously kidding, it's bleak as hell. I think this picture of Hillary Clinton entering someone's NYC apartment perfectly captures what it's like to live there.

    Every day I think of Hilary Clinton's reaction to an average apartment kitchen pic.twitter.com/TiPtwOk6LW

    — lesbians love cool jess? (@hoeingforsoup) September 26, 2022
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    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds live a bit differently because they are very, very rich.

    closeup of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively taking a stroll arm-in-arm

    Blake shared a rare picture inside their NYC apartment, and let me tell you, it must be nice!

    Closeup of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds holding hands as they walk down the sidewalk

    Here's what their bedroom looks like:

    As you can see from the caption, Blake is the one who styled the bedroom herself.

    Screenshot of Blake Lively's Instagram caption

    Let's break this down.

    That wood is probably reclaimed from an 1820s shipwreck.

    Closeup of Blake Lively in her bedroom

    That marble bathtub is probably from ancient Greece.

    Closeup of Blake's bathroom

    And she has a hallway! A hallway in NYC!! The luxury of it all!

    Closeup of Blake's hallway

    The only thing I can relate to is that unmade bed.

    Closeup of Blake's bed

    Either way, she better drop the house tour soon.

    "I'm dying to see a house tour"