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People Are Just Realizing This "Black Mirror" Episode Was About Britney Spears

After the testimony Britney gave, it's clearer than ever who this ep was about.

This week, Britney Spears bravely and courageously described what her life has been like under a conservatorship that was put into place 13 years ago.

A poster of Britney with duct tape over her mouth held by a supporter at a rally

In truly horrific testimony, Britney described her situation in relation to "sex trafficking," said she hasn't been allowed to have her IUD removed, and said the people around her should be put in jail for what she's been through.

A poster that says "Britney Spears is a Human Being #Free Britney

After reading Britney's testimony, people realized just how similar it was to an episode of Black Mirror.

that miley cyrus black mirror episode was about britney spears #FreeBritney

Twitter: @safekatyx

When the episode first came out many people suspected it was about Britney, but now it's clearer than ever.

It's straight-up eerie.

Does anyone else think of the black mirror episode with Miley Cyrus after hearing Britney's statement? #FreeBritney

Twitter: @LadyDeathstrike

A "real life" version of the show.

… are we now just recognizing that the Ashley O Episode of #BlackMirror is definitely Britney Spears? Or am I late to the party.

Twitter: @THOMfooled

So, for those who don't know, Miley Cyrus starred in an episode of Black Mirror where she played a pop star named Ashley O.

Like Britney Spears, Ashley O is known for her songs about empowerment.

"It's really important for people to feel like they're in control of their own destiny," Ashley O says in an interview while her entourage watches from the sidelines.

Ashley's aunt is her manager and she controls everything involving her career and personal life.

Ashley is supported by a team of managers and physicians who built a wall around the singer. Ashley is responsible for their paychecks. She's worth a lot of money.

Ashley is pressured to perform, and she's clearly not happy.

Because she was "acting up," Ashley is given medication.

She's under constant surveillance.

Someone watching Ashley on video on a laptop

"I've been telling you something was wrong for a while. It's getting so hard to keep on doing this," she confided in her aunt.

Her aunt/manager is pissed, and says Ashley is in a strict contract until she's 25.

Ashley is fed up. "Do you ever look around the fucking house and see where we fucking live because of me?" she says.

So, Ashley's aunt/manager drugs her and she falls into a coma.

Even when she's in a coma, the team tries to milk every last bit of money out of her by creating an album using her brain waves.

Then, in a fate similar to Britney's, Ashley O's fans end up getting involved.

She tells them: "My aunt has always controlled every aspect of my entire career. And now she has me right where she wants me, lying here, getting sucked dry, basically imprisoned."

Then Ashley's aunt is at some sort of show where she reveals that she's turned Ashley into a hologram that would never get sick and always be on the top of her game.

Fast-forward to Ashley getting out of the coma, being rescued by fans, and crashing the hologram premiere.

She's silenced no more.

If you haven't been following, this episode is about a pop star who was controlled by one of her family members, she's kept isolated in a hospital and exploited for all she's worth. Eventually, with the help of her fans, she gets to tell her truth.

Sound familiar?

Now, hopefully Britney can have an Ashley O moment and finally get what she deserves.